Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

Serenity Surrender Workshops Basic Workshop Attending workshop is first step towards a Transformation by Finding the Divine within. For those who choose to understand themselves deeply, Who are looking for unanswered questions about Self and patterns of situations or choices in their lives should attend Workshops. Each SS workshop is equally powerful, enriching and Profound. It is an experience of a life time and brings in a major shift in energies. The group energies which build up during these workshops are inspiring, revealing and enables each participant understand themselves at a much deeper level. Apart from bringing in a very Positive Change in our lives workshops changes our perspective towards Life, Our Relationships and Situations. The entire focus shifts from blaming others to understanding self through others. SS Basic workshop covers • Connecting with the cosmic energy • Understand reasons of situations in your life • Surrender • Self Love • Dealing with our concerns related to career, Finances • Harmonize your relationships • Discover your potential • Enhance your self confidence • Manifest your deepest desires Take Away from the workshop • Instant shift in energies at a deeper level • Better Understanding of Situations in Life • Confidence in dealing with situations • Improvement in Relationships



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