Minal Arora - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Minal Arora

Minal Arora is a Serenity Surrender(SS) therapist &mentor who demystifies the inner journey through her simple yet powerful expression. She recalls that the first time she was introduced to the concept of Past Life Regression, her first concern was that if everything is in the here and now, then what’s the purpose of going into one’s past. This concept intrigued her so much that she learnt regression & then Serenity Surrender(SS) only to understand the role of one’s past in their present. 

Minal reckons that one’s past only impacts their present to the extent that it creates the situations or circumstances which one is presented with. How one responds to their present is what creates their future and that is not dependent on their past. She believes that the very reason that we do not implicitly remember our past is so that we have an equal opportunity to create a fresh experience in the now. 

A lot of people question her for how her journey into the mystical began at such a young age. Not many know that she has been an IT techie for 14 years before she initiated her spiritual journey. She has travelled the path of bring a programmer to the CEO of an IT company & an Entrepreneur before she started to realise that her energies didn’t resonate with what she was doing anymore, and her purpose lied elsewhere. 

Minal is also a revered author of three books. She uses her powerful expression to reveal deep truths of life so that people can connect with the higher consciousness within & outside and live fearless & empowered lives. She believes the biggest block in anyone’s growth is their fear. Once someone knows how to face fear head-on, then sky is the limit for them. As per her the only root to all fears is the inability to face one’s truth. Truth is what is the present, the evident, what cannot be denied. All fears are mechanisms to hide from the truth. The most probable reason for why one wants to hide from their truth is that they fear losing something or someone to that truth. It’s all about realising that while holding on to the fear, they must be at a deeper level losing what they fear losing anyway. This cycle becomes so evident when seen from the outside but can be such a big trap if one chooses to continually deny their truth. 

Minal’s books are intended to guide anyone who’s looking to initiate their inner journey or strengthen it by the way of facing themselves & their truth. She believes that the intent to face whatever I am, the way I am is enough for one to explore the infinite depth of their being. 

Minal also is a motivational speaker. She is invite to corporates, schools & institutes to talk on various topics which benefit the audience by realising the power of facing self and understanding that a lot of their concerns stem from their sub-conscious. She exemplifies things through practical case studies to give in-depth understanding of various real-life scenarios which complicate a personal relationship or a work relationship merely because both sides are operating from different perspectives and are not taking into account the vibrational gap they have which is where the conflict brews. 

Her vision is to create a world where people will live in complete awareness of themselves and their energies. As per Minal, all conflicts and their solutions lie within and hence she is a strong believer of the fact that if more & more people become awakened to their inner wisdom and operate out of a higher vibration, the combined consciousness of this planet will be positively impacted and many aspects like global warming, poverty, corruption, abuse, terrorism etc will naturally be addressed at the grass root level because the basis of any of these is that we are all operating as if he are alone & the rest of the world is against us. Our natural alignment is not with oneness but with fear & hence we are more inclined to defend ourselves from others or compete with others rather than love others. 

Minal thinks love is the solution to everything and in her perspective one’s relationship with others is only a reflection of their relationship with themselves. If today the world has so much negativity & hatred, it only means our relationship with ourselves is full of negativity, fear & hatred. We need to learn to love ourselves and as we do that, we naturally build more love & compassion for others. Someone’s who’s tummy is full will never be jealous of another one’s food. We all need to realiseweare so full of love inside. Once someone realises the infinite pool of love they carry within. The love overflows from their being and there is no space for hatred, blame, jealousy or any such emotion because they no more serve any purpose. Love brings completion like none other. 

She says that the first step is to understand self, not only for the mind or body that one is, but also for the soul that one is. For this purpose,Minal invites all to join her for the  3 Days Serenity Surrender(SS) Basic workshops she conducts for this workshop, she reckons is an initiation into the inner wisdom like none other.

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  • Name: Minal Arora
  • Website: http://www.pastlifeconnection.com
  • Location:Gurugram and New Delhi
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  • Phone:+91 9560434433

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