Shilpi Singh - Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Shilpi Singh

A year back Shilpi was just an entrepreneur who juggled her life between her family and work. She did not bother or think much about spirituality, religion, or anything that would even take her a step away from her duties as a mother, a wife, a daughter in law and a Chairperson of a play school. Life wasn't perfect but she always had her parents to support her. So life was pretty normal with its ups and downs until 21st January 2012. She had just checked into Lands End on the eve of her 6th wedding anniversary and just started the celebrations when she received a call which would change everything. That night as she was about to pop the champagne, she found out she lost her dad to a car accident. Just like that, all gone! Her life fell apart! Her dad had always been there to hold her though her ups and downs. With dad gone she felt like a boat without an anchor.

Struggling to find sanity, she started reading Bhagawad Geeta religiously and was introduced to the KARMA theory. Desperate to know about the soul after it leaves a body, she read 'Laws of the Spiritual World' and 'Many Lives Many Masters'. All this provided her small sparks of hope but no definite path was shown. All efforts seemed futile till she was introduced to Serenity Surrender (SS). SS helped her to accept the present and believe that we are a soul in a body and not a body with a soul. SS empowers you to even fight against the planetary effects (Raahu, Ketu etc) on you. In just a few months Shilpi has been able to transform her life. She has healed herself and many others with several issues ranging from relationships to career to health and what not.

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