Isha Joshi-Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Isha Joshi

Isha, an Engineer by profession is a fitness enthusiast. Spiritually oriented by heart, she believes in the integrated well-being of mind, body and soul. Always passionate about physical and mental health, she practiced meditation on her own and went on to learn 1st level Reiki as well. Self-help books have been her guide all through her life. Then came a time when her life became complex and challenging and nothing seemed to work out in career or relationships. On an everyday basis, minute by minute provocations and nerve-wrecking anxieties started affecting her over all wellbeing. She developed some persistent health issues like tonsillitis, sinus. She even had some uncanny experiences. The constant self-education to keep a positive attitude and all the other things that used to help her in the past had also ceased to work.

This was the time when she had a higher calling and Serenity Surrender (SS) came to her rescue. SS made her understand the true meaning of spirituality which is to connect with one’s inner power. It has helped her come out of the state of helplessness to the realization of self which is all what matters and now she aspires to make a difference to other’s life by becoming a channel to empower and help them discover their inner power that they carry within.

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