Pooja Goel - Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Pooja Goel

The friendly and cheerful looking Pooja was inherently lonely at heart since her childhood as if she was born with in-built emptiness and gloominess inside her. While growing up, she faced enormous challenges in her studies, career, love & family life.

Pooja is an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience as Product Manager, currently working with an international firm in US. While going through a tough phase in her marital life, she was introduced to the concept of past life regression by a friend. She found it fascinating and started learning more about it. She wanted to understand past/present life karmas and the reason behind her choice of miseries.

In 2017, when Pooja failed to find her answers via traditional therapists, she found a Serenity Surrender(SS) therapist online and connected with her to understand the process and benefits of healing. Pooja found drastic changes in herself and her environment after taking couple of therapy sessions. That’s when she started her journey in SS as a healer. SS helped her understand her choices of current life, the deeply rooted emotions behind each misery and her growth through these tough phases. SS started her path of self recognition by letting her heal the blames she had for others and the guilts she had for herself. SS also helped her understand the concept of ‘being vs doing’ which is the basis of an effortless journey.

Pooja believes that nothing is a mere coincidence and everything happens for a good reason. The situations that are perceived by us as our problems are presented to us for our highest best in order for the soul to grow in this lifetime. She now realises that expectations are the reasons for most of our miseries. Understanding and healing the difference between reality & expectation brings us closer to our true self. Everyone has an inherent power to change their situations by first accepting the problems and then healing them.

SS has taught Pooja to live in awareness of her choices and she loves to use her experiences to bring changes in the life of others by helping people identify their karmas and heal them.

Contact Pooja Goel
  • Name: Pooja Goel
  • Location:New Jersey USA and Delhi-NCR
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:+1 9082748703

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