Navsz Sohal (Navpreet) - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Navsz Sohal (Navpreet)

Dr Navpreet Sohal, Navsz to her friends, which includes practically everyone and everything because she lives by that emotion. In her quest for personal truths, she embarked on a spiritual journey that ended up giving her skills and gifts to use for everyone’s well being and growth. She has been practicing Serenity Surrender for many years now and has helped a lot of people untangle the mysteries of their life and karmic bonds and entanglements.

Navsz explains that though the law of Karma is simple, its impact on us is the end result of intricate web we have created ourselves through lifetimes of memories. She further explains that using the therapy of Serenity Surrender, one can discover the multiple layers of different karmas which may be from more than one lifetime. It leads us to those patterns of energy stored and reinforced through beliefs and habits that cause impediments and health challenges which keep surfacing repeatedly in our lives. Once we see the reasons that caused and stored the blocking energies we consciously choose to let go and release them. Once the pattern is broken, it restructures our bio etheric system for consciously creating events that we desire rather than reliving the old patterns and going in circles.

Navsz highly recommends Serenity Surrender for anyone who wants to be free of challenging habits, repeating and chronic diseases, and strong negative emotions holding back their potential.

Contact Navsz Sohal (Navpreet)
  • Name: Navsz Sohal (Navpreet)
  • Location:Muscat (Oman), Dubai, New Delhi, Pune
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:0096892654916 00968-94828242

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