Serenity Surrender Workshops

Serenity Surrender workshops are aimed at sharing the SS ideology and healing techniques with all those who wish to start recognizing their inner power through means of self-study. SS teachers are now available globally. Kindly follow this link to find an SS teacher near you:

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The first step to initiating your journey in SS is through attending the Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop. The Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop has been customized on the basis of age groups as follows:


Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop

This is a 3-day workshop (conducted in both English as well as Hindi language) that introduces one to the SS ideology and healing techniques. There are no prerequisites to attending this workshop and this can be attended by even those who have no prior experience in healing or spirituality.

This workshop equips one to be able to heal themselves and others. However, if you wish to become a professional SS healer, we also recommend attending the Serenity Surrender Advanced Workshop in addition to the Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop.

Recommended age group - 16 years and above

The contents of the workshop include:


Serenity Surrender Children’s Workshop

This is a 5-day workshop, that has been specially designed to equip kids in the age group of 8.5 to 15 years, to:

Serenity Surrender Senior’s Workshop

This is a 3-day workshop (conducted in both English as well as Hindi language), that has been specially designed to equip the elderly with the power to deal with their fears and insecurities and live their life with grace and serenity.

This basic workshop beautifully empowers those who have grown in seniority through immense experiences in the physical and are now ready to understand their divine connection deeper.

As one progresses with age, the wisdom gained through physical experiences creates many layers of impressions on their mind which can slowly limit their openness to the new. Sometimes it could become difficult to deal with change that is happening both within & in the surroundings. Change in this case could be perceived as disruptive and destructive. With age, many people lose trust in themselves and their ability to deal with life which gives rise to emotional & physical dependence on others. These distortions make everyday life tougher and challenging thus taking a toll on one’s physical & mental health.

This basic workshop is aimed at bringing awareness of one’s connection with the creator hence facilitating ease and grace in the day-to-day life of the participants. The workshop will help them adapt to the new and also deal with redundancy, loneliness, illness and so much more. It will also help them let go of old memories to bring more acceptance & peace in this moment. Once they recognise their divine connection, it will then facilitate for them whatever they are ready to learn through.

This workshop’s focus is primarily self-healing and the technique is introduced in a manner that it becomes simple & effortless for the participants to heal and carry on the process at home once the workshop is done.

Serenity Surrender Advanced Level Workshops

Serenity Surrender offers deep insights into various aspects of life through various advanced level workshops. These workshops are aimed at understanding each aspect of life, be it parenting, marriage, physical body, gender, ego, the five elements, abundance, feeling stuck or fear from a higher perspective and transcending the distorted understandings that we may carry in these aspects, which lead to our unpleasant experiences in our life. One needs to have done the Basic Workshop in order to move on to attending the advanced level workshops.

Some of the advanced level workshops offered by Serenity Surrender are:

Advanced Workshop

This 4-day workshop enhances and gives a much deeper understanding of the work learnt in the Basic workshop.

Harmonizing the Feminine and Masculine within workshop

This is a 2-day workshop that has been designed to help one understand deeper truths about gender. This workshop helps one understand the roots within and resolve the various experiences of disharmony, inequality, abuse etc. that one experiences through Gender.

Enrichment through Parenting workshop

This is a 4-day workshop that helps in bringing clarity regarding how and where, in trying to give our child the best, we have deviated from the real purpose of parenting. In this process, therefore, we ended up creating karma for ourselves, lifetime after lifetime. It is an intense workshop and brings about a lot of clarity in our relationships with our children, parents, siblings or those who we see as our children.


This is a 7-day residential workshop, which brings about karma cleansing at deep levels. It also enhances the participants' understanding of their lives from a higher perspective.


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