Shivi Dua has also shared the Serenity Surrender philosophy through the means of her books. One can read these to understand the reasoning behind the SS philosophy, how it can be practiced by anyone and how it can benefit you.

Let the Power be with You

This is Shivi’s first book as an Author. This book shares the ideology behind Serenity Surrender in a simple language and through everyday examples. First published in 2009 by Wisdom Tree Publications, this book is also a part of the Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop. The book has already sold more than 10,000+ copies worldwide and has also been published in Latvian.This is a great read for anyone who wishes to understand the Serenity Surrender ideology.

Apne Ander Ki Shakti Ko Pehchanein

‘Let the Power Be With You’ is now also available in Hindi! .

Let go Mom...I will be Fine

Following her success with her first book, Shivi’s second book, ‘Let Go Mom...I will be Fine’, was first published in 2012 by Wisdom Village Publications Pvt. Ltd. and shares the wisdom about parenting. The book offers a practical approach to parents who are struggling to find a balance between managing their responsibilities as parents and taking care of themselves. The book shares deep insights on how a parent-child relationship is not only limited to taking responsibility for a child, but naturally contributes to the growth of the souls who choose to take up the role of being parents in their lives, in a huge way.


Eternity is Shivi’s 3rd and most extensive book that offers wisdom about each aspect of human life. First published in 2016 by Notion Press, this book can be viewed as a comprehensive course in spirituality. Shivi has shared all the wisdom about human life that she has understood through her experiences and through taking guidance from the Creator through this book. This book covers topics ranging from connections between the soul, physical body and the creator; understanding human emotions such as judgement, expectations, fears and ego to dealing with conflicts, wisdom about choices and Nirvana.

My Shape

Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space – are they just five physical elements, or something more than that? What exactly is their role in the evolution of mankind? Is there a way of looking at these elements that can help us uncomplicate our lives? Understand the role of these elements in our lives through this enchanting tale of nine cousins and friends written by Shivi and Gaurav Dua. Brought up in the same household, the kids grow up learning about the five elements and a unique philosophy of life from the eldest and intuitive, Saira! 

To read a sample chapter, follow this link: https://bit.ly/3sMbDzw

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