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Story Behind Name - SS

The term 'Serenity Surrender' means that we can experience a serene life if we can learn to live our life in surrender to the divine energies operating through us.

Surrendering does not mean giving up or losing control. The basis of surrender, lies in the belief that each one of us is a manifestation of the divine and carries immense wisdom and power. Subsequently, each life situation of our carries immense wisdom too. To surrender, means to trust that each life situation carries deep divine wisdom and in allowing that wisdom to surface, we allow ourselves to grow through the situation serenely.


Shivi Dua, the originator of Serenity Surrender, was introduced to healing more than 2 decades ago. After her initial experiences with Reiki and Theta Healing, she discovered a unique way of healing.

She experienced miraculous results while healing herself and her clients through this new way of healing. She was then guided to create a module to teach the way she had started healing herself. It was then that she conducted the first ever 'Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop' in 2010. Since 2010, Serenity Surrender has now emerged as a complete spiritual healing modality comprising of 30 + courses that offer deep spiritual understanding on various aspects of life and enables one to overcome various challenges in those aspects. Serenity Surrender is now being adopted as a way of life by many across the globe!


The Serenity Surrender ideology is based on the following understanding and this forms the basis of the wisdom, shared through the various Serenity Surrender courses and Books:

Our soul, being in an eternal journey of evolution, has chosen to learn and grow through being in the physical realm. The physical realm aids each soul to experience innumerable interactions, each of which help the soul in its eternal journey of self recognition. While each person is in their own journey of self recognition, they also have the potential to be a trigger for each other's growth through their interactions. In this process, each one acts as the other's mirror to help them recognize themselves.

In order to grow, the conflicts a soul carries at the subconscious level manifest in the form of challenges in the physical reality such as disharmony in relationships, financial issues, blocks in career etc. Such that one can experience and then transcend these conflicts. Therefore, each interaction is of utmost importance to enrich our lives. Since, it carries the potential for our growth.

Therefore, the Serenity Surrender philosophy advocates, that if one can let go of blame, one can start living an empowered life in each moment. If one can start taking ownership of their experiences through letting go of blame, they can begin to experience a much more meaningful, empowered and serene life.

By adopting this philosophy in one's daily life, one can begin to experience positive changes in their life. Attending the Serenity Surrender workshops in the guidance of SS Teachers can further help one in embracing this way of life through healing their individual concerns and understanding their own unique journey. The workshops enable one to deeply embrace this way of life, leading one to live an empowered life in each moment.

The Healing Methodology

The Serenity Surrender healing methodology is an energy-based healing that helps one to resolve various challenges being experienced in any aspect of their life. The healing methodology encompasses taking guidance from cosmic energies to understand the roots held within a person for experiencing a particular challenge in their life and then facilitate healing at the subconscious level to bring about positive changes in their current situation. Here are 2 videos to help you understand this further:


The past lives are visited only to clear the unresolved issues there so that our current life and our future are no longer guided by the negativities we have been carrying from there. We can start afresh and create our life as we want it now.The most significant fact to understand and remember, is that the root to everything we experience in this moment lies inside us. Serenity Surrender allows us to reach that root and heal it. This root could be embedded in one of our past lives or somewhere in the past in our current life. Healing such roots within us is very liberating, as it empowers us to begin to live life as we want to. It is even more liberating to be able to learn to do it for ourselves. Learning Serenity Surrender helps an individual in multiple ways!


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