Serenity Surrender Card Deck

This 69-card deck of Oracle cards is essentially a part of the SS healings and workshop. A reading from this deck of cards is meant to provide not only an insight into a particular situation of concern, but also guidance regarding the reason for conflict that exists in the situation, resolving which will bring about a happy outcome in the situation.

Amazingly accurate readings experienced by those who use these cards have helped them bring about happiness in their lives and those of others.

Serenity Surrender Card Deck

Many times, its easier to get guidance through something that we can touch and feel via our five external senses and this is where this card deck plays a huge role. Whenever one is unsure of a direction, decision or life situation, the cards can be used to get guidance from the divine. They work as signs we need when we want to work in the strength of the divine. Each card in that deck has the ability to give a different message for a different life situation.

Besides, these cards are a helpful tool in sharpening one's sixth sense or intuition. We all are born with it but don't recognise it. Serenity Surrender healing courses enable the participants to start understanding their sixth sense. As they then continue to use it, it keeps getting sharper, and more and more accurate. Our intuition is what the divine guides us through. If one can learn to identify it and receive guidance through it, one is able to take big and small decisions in life with more ease and confidence.

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Serenity Surrender Card Deck
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