Q.) What is spirituality? Does following SS require me to drastically change my way of living? Are there any rules required to be followed in order to practice SS?

Ans.) Spirituality is connecting with self, learning to make sense out of each experience one has in life, learning that there is a higher wisdom that operates through me. Following SS leads one to an empowered living. It does require one to start watching when and where they blame others or their situations for their experiences that they can’t accept. Other than that, there are no rules really. If the SS ideology and healing technique learnt in the 3 day Basic workshop, is followed in daily life, it surely leads one to start living an empowered living, rather than always seeing oneself as a victim and feeling helpless.

Q.) What is healing?

Ans.) Life is a series of situations. There are situations we like and there are situations we don’t like. While every situation comes our way only for us to learn something new about life and thus evolve through it, we sometimes stay stuck in our non-acceptance of certain situations we are a part of. That keeps us from imbibing the lesson that the situation was meant for. Healing brings us in alignment with the higher purpose of the situation. It enables us to imbibe what we were meant to from it and we are able to move on from that situation.

Q.) What is meant by energy healing?

Ans.) Energy healing can be seen as different from cure. When we look at the physical body or the situation as the root cause of the problem, we try to ‘fix’ it so that we experience it in a certain way. That is the ‘cure’ we look for.When we understand that everything – the body, the situation, the relationships, the emotions, the feelings are energy of a certain kind, and are emanating from energy, we also begin to understand that there are higher energies existing that we can tap into and understand the energetic root to our problems. Taking help of these higher energies to understand and resolve our issues is energy healing.

Q.) Do we heal Past lives as part of Serenity Surrender healing technique? Why should I worry about my past?

Ans.) When we refuse to accept a situation we are a part of, it persists. We are not able to learn what we were meant to from it and it stays in our energies even when we have passed on to our next incarnation. We call it coming from our past life but the truth is that it is a part of our energies in the present moment. We are stuck in that situation, in that lifetime, when the lifetime has passed. Since we are blocked in that event and it is a part of our energies right now, we need to resolve that in order to move on from it, so that it may no longer affect our current experiences.Thus we don’t heal from a past life, but we heal that from a past life that we haven’t been able to let go, because we never accepted it in the first place, we never could see the divine order in it.

Q.) What is Karma? Am I really suffering because of my wrong deeds in my past life?

Ans.) Karma gets created when we are not able to accept our situations in the present moment. Then its energies stay with us lifetime after lifetime, till we have learnt from it what we were meant to. Thus it is our response to our current situation. Through accepting our situations, we learn from them and move on from them. In fighting our situations, we create karma and have to endure it till by some way we learn from it now.For example, if I am afraid that an acquaintance who was once a friend might reveal a secret of mine that I had once shared with them, I might resort to bad mouthing about that person, only in an attempt to make myself secure in the event of the person revealing my secret to someone. I want this person to not be believed by someone. Later, let’s assume that the person never does any kind of harm to me and one day I start regretting that I, in fact, tried to harm their image. Then if I fail to find courage to go and apologise to the person, I will carry guilt for that person lifetime after lifetime till the time something happens to relieve me of it. As long as I carry the guilt, I will continue to have experiences through that person where it will seem that that person, the same soul, means to harm me. It is my own guilt carried deep down that makes me attract punishment from that person.Thus karma is what we chose to believe or the beliefs we chose to develop as the result of an event, which attract our way experiences in an attempt to be redeemed of that guilt.

Q.) How is energy healing different from traditional psychology? Are there any similarities between the two?

Ans.) Traditional psychology helps understand a person’s behaviour through a consciously derived explanation to it. It can help bring symptoms in control and can help manage them.Energy healing works on the principle that the root to all behavior and a person’s emotions is in the energy of the person. The energy works with its own logic and each individual’s energies are unique. No two persons with similar problems can be completely healed through using the same prescription but in energy healing, each individual draws exactly the energy they require to be healed of their situation.

Q.) You say SS can help resolve issues in any aspect of life? How is that possible?

Ans.) It is possible because everything physical, namely, physical body and its issues, the relationships built around it, the emotions experienced through it, financial issues, fear, job related issues, etc. have their root in the person’s energies. A person’s energies are not compartmentalized into the various aspects but get presented as those aspects. Therefore, accessing the energies and aligning them with the higher wisdom tends to affect any and every aspect of one’s life.

Q.) Many people like to ‘see’ in order to believe! How do I believe in something I cannot see?

Ans.) It is a fact that while we can ‘see’ our body and our physical reality, we cannot really ‘see’ the energy that is the source of everything physical. When we work on our energy, with the help of higher or cosmic energy, the first thing that we feel is an instant relaxation or feeling lighter. Now it is also a fact that what bothers us is not exactly the physical reality but the feelings or stress it seems to create in us. So when we are seeking energy healing, we are usually in a lot of stress or are feeling low and heavy. The healing almost always makes a person feel light and relaxed instantly. The changes in the physical reality appear later. Sometimes people do complain that they could not see a difference post their healing. This is often because they are bent upon seeing a particular kind of change in their reality.There is this notion of ‘creating’ our reality. As human beings we are meant to be a witness to the magnificence of the Creator who operates through us and manifests as our realities. The Creator evolves through us and we witness the growth of the Creator. As human beings, when we play our role of being a witness to the growth of the Creator through us, all activity that is meant to happen through us does happen through us and we experience that growth while experiencing least resistance to it. This could also be called surrender to the Creator.But often we judge what is being presented as our reality and want to change it to what suits our liking. By doing so we only end up blocking the natural flow of events which would lead us to something beautiful beyond our imagination, simply because being ever-evolving, we cannot imagine or create our next stage of evolution.

Q.) If I can’t change what I dislike, what is the purpose of healing?

Ans.) The purpose of healing is to make more sense out of life!

Q.) What kind of preparations does a recipient need to make before taking a healing?

Ans.) The only preparation you need to do for a healing session is to be as specific as possible about what it is that you want from the session; whether it is relief in a particular physical ailment, better self confidence, improvement in a relationship, better financial situation, etc.

Q.) How long does a healing session last?

Ans.) A session usually lasts 45min to 1 hr.

Q.) How soon can the recipient expect results from a healing session?

Ans.) An instant feeling of relaxation is generally felt by most recipients of the healing at the end of each session, which is due to the release of a lot of negative energy that happens during the session. A marked difference in the recipient's state is clearly felt during the next couple of days. However, things continue to improve even much after that.

Q.) How many healing sessions does a recipient need to have?

Ans.) There is no lower or upper limit to the number of sessions one can have. Release of negative energy from within the recipient happens during each session, thereby resulting in the person's improvement each time. What the person actually wants to see as a result of the healing might come at the end of 1st session or at the end of nth session. This can't be predetermined. However, usually a considerable improvement in the condition of concern is achieved in three sessions.

Q.) Are there any side effects of this therapy?

Ans.) The positive energy used in this therapy works only to eliminate the negativities held within your subconscious mind. There really is no way one can be harmed by the same. However when we initiate a process of karma cleansing, in effect we are expediting our karma. The process is very comforting and imparts positivity in the person’s overall attitude as well. Depending upon how ready the soul is to release all its baggage, however, more and more negative karma may surface from the layers below as we alleviate the top layer. All that we experience comes from within us only. As and when more stuff comes up, we can continue to release that.

Q.) Is it necessary to believe in God in order to benefit from this healing?

Ans.) The healing does not involve religious beliefs and doesn't propagate a religion. Most of those who do not believe in God, do believe in the existence of a super power, and call it nature, cosmic energy or the Creator. It is that super power, the formless, shapeless energy source of all creation that brings about the changes during the healing sessions, while the healer facilitates the same.

Q.) How is this form of healing different from any other modality of healing?

Ans.) All modalities of healing help us to live healthier and happier lives, and any comparison would really be unfair. Serenity Surrender, however, involves soul-level energy work. Hence it gives a fast, deep rooted outcome and has often changed the course of life for the better.

Q.) How is Serenity Surrender different from Reiki or Theta Healing?

Ans.) My spiritual growth has seen a heightened pace ever since I moved onto the path of healing. Moving from the field of IT to healing, moving from Reiki to Theta Healing and then to Serenity Surrender - all have been natural and graceful, as if divinely guided. Serenity Surrender is something that I was practicing for a couple of years even before giving it a formal name and structure, without actually realizing that I had since long moved on from what I had learnt in Theta Healing. I have imbibed a lot from Reiki as well as Theta Healing and they are the stepping stones that led me to where I am and what I do today. I am deeply grateful to my wonderful teachers of these modalitie who connected me with myself and with the Creator!However, Serenity Surrender is very different from both, Reiki as well as Theta healing. It is what my way of healing and my way of living has evolved into, all under divine guidance.Reiki is a very positive energy. However, Serenity Surrender accesses even higher energy and gives resolutions much faster. Besides, while Reiki is an energy that works on the internal blocks on its own by and by, SS involves identifying, understanding and clearing the blocks we carry within, in the form of our own beliefs. Therefore, SS helps the person grow spiritually and helps deepen one's wisdom, besides resolving the problems that one has.Serenity Surrender is also very different from Theta Healing, despite some apparent similarities. Theta Healing is a healing modality while SS is a way of life. Healing forms a part of SS. In this, healing is seen as a natural way of the soul's journey. The kind of understanding one gets in just a 3-day Basic workshop of Serenity Surrender is incomparable. At the end of it, one leaves not only equipped with a tool one can use to heal oneself of any concern one might have in life, but also a way to find answers to almost all questions one might have regarding the mysteries of life. Each SS workshop brings about tremendous shift in one's energies and one learns to live in an increased awareness of one's being.

Q.) Isn't a special kind of aptitude or ability required in order to learn any kind of healing?

Ans.) Healing is not alien to our being. Our soul is on an eternal journey of evolution. Evolution is all about learning more about ourselves and growing through those lessons. Our problem areas in life are the areas where our lessons are hidden and our growth is stuck. Sooner or later, everyone has to walk this path consciously. Serenity Surrender workshops are especially designed such that anyone without any prior background or knowledge about healing can learn it, and quite easily so. You could send your specific concern and we would be happy to resolve your doubt or query.

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