The opportunity to participate in the Breathe workshop came into my life when I was at a kind of crossroads mentally. Things I had typically mapped out for my life had not really panned out and I felt stuck in a rut. Going through this workshop helped me to deeply introspect and better understand the mental needs and burdens I was holding onto - these were things that were somewhat the source of my stress. Something as simple as focus on your breathing and using that to let go of things was like a revelation. I am happy I went through this experience and feel more connected with myself than I had probably going into it.

 Bhawna Gulati

As I am moving forward in my journey I am truly recognizing myself through Serenity Surrender healing modality. SS has helped me in discovering my power. Many times I often find myself in conflicts/choices; I have learnt options available will only distract me from the fact that any choice I will only recognize myself. It has a beautiful way of healing which has shifted my awareness from others to myself.

 Abha Jha

Serenity Surrender is a rarest blessing to me. It's an ultimate answer to all my prolonged quests regarding physical, metaphysical, religious and psychological existence of humans. It's a complete curriculum for the school of life and a testament for empowering souls.

 Kajal Sachdeva

SS has given me a new lease of life. My alienated inner self is now opening up to the rainbow of life, absorbing the colors of it and radiating with the reflection of divine light.

 Shipra Mishra

SS has helped me answer most of the ‘whys’ and all of the 'why me's’ in life. It opened me to embrace my emotions of anger, grief, frustration, control, fear - to finally be able to witness - self love, peace and joy within. SS is not a shortcut to living life, but it is a journey of self discovery through life situations with the destination being, ‘deeper understanding of ourselves’.

 Jashvir Teotia

SS has not only taught the meaning of life but seeing the life from a very different angle. Before SS there was so much confusion about life and religion. Now it has become clear like a mirror where there is no fear of God as earlier we had all been conditioned to fear God, going to hell and heaven etc. In other words the life itself has become simpler. And I am truly very happy. I feel a transformation within myself. This change in self and in my family is quite noteworthy. We all in our family feel afresh and easy going, more stronger to face the challenges of life itself.

 Swati Garg

SS made me accept myself, from my idiosyncrasies to my fears and my insecurities. It helped me carve myself out and made me see my real self..I was raw, I was wounded, I was damaged, and I fell in love with that person. SS made me see things from a new perspective where it was no longer about positive & negative, it was all about me and there was no judgement, there was an awakening with a new awareness. SS truly is a journey from self-inflicting judgement to living in awareness & acceptance. You just don’t practice, you become SS.

 Simrat Shrivasttava

I have never planned my life but always knew that there is some power who is deciding for me and yes, when I joined SS I knew exactly what it is . For me SS is something which gives me clarity in my journey .  SS has made me a more confident person over these years, has also changed my perceptions  & the way I look at situations. It takes away all the baggage we carry like judgement, grudges and all other negative emotions which take over our peace from us. I have learnt that for all the conflicts that we carry, the seed for the same  is within us only  . All that you have to do is dig in and understand your choices which leads you to a better and peaceful life.

 Kanika Kapur

Serenity Surrender (SS) opened me spiritually, it is here where I learnt that while we look for a 'cause' outside of us it actually lies within and the effect is what we experience outside.  I learnt that it is through knowing yourself you start valuing yourself and everything. This brings within you an acceptance that unfolds life beautifully thereon. Thank you Serenity Surrender! 

 Sakshi Chugh

I am an inquisitive soul always seeking to understand why I experience, what I experience. This set forth my journey of reading various books to get answers until I met Serenity Surrender (SS). After becoming SS beacon I started seeking answers within and with every experience, I dwell deeper. I became aware of my potential to live life with awareness. I feel, I'm more courageous in dealing with life because I know I'll recognize myself through every situation. 

 Akhilesh Arora

Over my years of inner gauging through Serenity Surrender, I have learnt to understand and feel the emotions of people and relationships around me as a projection of the aspects of my life. The journey continues to be beautiful as I allow my emotions, perspectives and expressions to breathe in each moment. Serenity Surrender has taught me about the 'life being less ordinary' when I believe that 'life is for simply living'.

 Debolina Catullo

Serenity Surrender is a way to help one to understand themselves in a very deep manner. Every problems that one goes through always stems from a negative belief that one is unaware of and holding on to. SS helps one to recognise that limiting belief within for the current challenging situations and helps one to go beyond the situation. It helps one to connect with their own inner power in a very powerful yet simple way to transcend their own self created limitations.

 Anurodh Kumar
Serenity Surrender (SS) has facilitated  way to explore myself deeper. Started in 2013 and since then the seamless journey of self recognition is in progress.The most appealing aspects of SS are, it's simple technique which even children can learn and, it's potential to know the root of the concern. Thus, impact of SS is deeper which resolves deep rooted beliefs about various aspects of life.Helping others and myself in this journey to recognise the peace and love we are, brings a sense of fulfillment. 
 Suhani Chauhan
I clearly remember that moment when I was little and I asked my maamu.. "So, I heard everyone in this Earth is sent by God for a special purpose, I want to know what is my purpose of life? Why do u think God sent me here?" He smiled and said, "You'll know, when it is time!" Only after practising SS I could understand that the only purpose was to recognize oneself. Self recognition through others and with others. With SS, I could sail through and effortlessly be at peace, even while traversing through chaos in my life!

 Vasudha Dawar
Serenity Surrender is not a quick fix mechanism to fix problems/issues. SS is a way of life. When I say way of life it means that the situation or experience one is having in the moment, SS will help you understand/allow the experience, witness the experience without any judgement and embrace the situation the way it is.

It seamlessly integrates in your life for a better understanding of 'oneself'.

 Pragya Verma
Serenity Surrender is the  study of life. Life is a series of challenges. SS helps me to accept  life the way it is. I have studied various concepts related to mind , body, soul , realtionships ,emotions etc in SS which gives me deeper understanding of my current situations . Every situation gives lessons. That situation may last for 30 minutes or whole life time, depending upon the intensity of lesson. What we see as challenge is growth. Being able of accepting the situation the way it is whole heartedly, is the real Power . Through SS I am able of going with flow, I don't fight with life, I live life.

 Amrinder Singh
Serenity Surrender has been a life changer for me. From being clueless about life and feeling myself the victim of the situations to recognizing my power and learning to connect with my higher consciousness, the journey with Serenity Surrender has been very empowering.

Now SS has become a way of life and it is like my magic wand helping me uncomplicate my life and finding peace and accepting myself and people and situations around.

 Deepti Priyadarshini Kabra
Serenity Surrender has helped me get out of my past and make the most of my present . I have been able to heal my physical as well as emotional conflicts over the years through SS.

I feel that SS is not just  tool for empowering ourselves, but is a way of living ... With more understanding and love!

 Nidhi Sabharwal
Universe guided me to Serenity Surrender when life seemed pointless to me . I was jolted by my father’s head injury leading him to a semi coma state forever.Basic Workshop helped me understanding my choices . Further self work Not only lead me but also my family to accept situations as is . When misery recessed we started dealing with things peacefully. Later in his death we could accept his choice of moving on. Apart from all big and small things i want to mention that SS did a complete makeover of my journey .Thanks to Shivi for chanelling it and Minal for introducing me to SS.


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”, “think good thoughts”, “be non-violent in thought, word and deed” – my inability to understand such phrases, as well as questions of how to precisely be and live in this world (essentially how to “save” myself from it); and what, if anything, could be done about my inner angst and grief that no words, thoughts or understanding would suffice to get to the bottom of – this is a short list of woes that I sought relief from, when I approached Serenity Surrender as a healing modality. What I received in return was this fantastic trove of wisdom about the nature of self and a practice that taught me how to understand myself through all my experiences (particularly the pesky ones), inner and outer, in order to integrate them through that wonderful process known as “witnessing”, to become whole and complete in any moment, on an ongoing basis.

SS came to me at a point in my life when there was a proverbial pink elephant already in the room which I had denied acknowledging and had conveniently brushed under the carpet.. SS made me look at the elephant directly in the eye, to face it head on and helped me recognise and understand as to why it was there in the first place..My journey as SS beacon has been the undressing of self, layer by layer to find myself anew with every step.. it has completely transformed me and the way I live life.. it has empowered me by recognising and accepting who I truly am in every given moment.

 Neelam Gulati
Serenity Surrender for me is that one thing I was searching for my whole life. When you know you are longing for something yet you don't know what that is. It answers all my "Why". When the "Why" start getting answered you start experiencing peace. SS is a tool for me which helps me look at life in a different way now. Not without fears but by acknowledging and recognising those fears.  

 Ashu Kapoor
SS found me in 2013 when I was searching for some alternative healing for my son.  I connected up with Minal for Past Life therapy for my son, however she suggested SS.I had no idea of what SS was but it attracted me to trust this modality and I got connected forever.

I learned the modality through its various modules and my learning is still on.

I do not practice it separately because it has become a part of my life now so have started living SS.  

More than using it as a modality, SS understanding gives me a different perspective to face each moment in a different way in my personal and professional life and as an outcome, I get aligned to different people and situations which results in the ultimate peace that we all are seeking for.

Connecting with Shivi is another blessing to me.  She not only teaches the modality but coaches every individual in an Unconditional way with her Unconditional love. 

Thank you SS for choosing me to be part of you and your journey.


 Kavita Goel
My start with SS was sketchy with no conscious healing. But, as I accepted it, there was no turning back. It is the voice in my head, the way of my life. It is like a parent/ creator itself, that wisely and patiently allows the child to recognise its hunger and ask for food. SS has helped me take onus of all of my life, the good, the bad and the ugly and turn it into an acceptance of it. I am the gardener of the garden I am.  

 Nupur Sandhu

Serenity Surrender for me is a laser light that guided me to the track within. It brought my whole attention to self, and as I started looking within , understanding self, addressing my baggage of emotions, my pain, my abundance, I slowly started accepting them and started feeling light ,very light in my day to day life. I learnt to stop running away and playing martyr in my relationships. Serenity Surrender is a way of life we were born with it. In growing up it just got totally out of site.

I have been following it since 2015 and seen tremendous results in my life, be it relationship issue, professional issue or any body ailment. I stopped blaming others, problems still come as it is life , then now I have learnt to respond rather than react.

I am also a teacher for basic three days  workshop of it. 


 Sameer Mahajan
I was introduced to SS by a friend through a SS healing session, and thereafter I did basic to heal my physical illness. With advanced workshops, practice and guidance of Shivi I realized that SS is not just a healing modality, it is way of life. It is knowledge about self, which makes me complete.  Life started giving a meaning and I started living it instead of chasing for peace.

 Minal Arora
Serenity Surrender or SS for me is my being which cannot be defined in words but only be experienced and witnessed each moment, as pure empowered living. SS has transformed my life, nature, responses and relationships in unprecedented ways and so has it enabled me to similarly contribute to the lives of several others. From fearful to fearless, careless to aware, ungrateful to grateful, unnecessary talking to meaningful dialogue, unawareness to mindfulness and aloofness to inclusion...these distances I have traversed personally only trusting my inner wisdom, knowing that SS being my way of life, I will only continuously create more love within and around at each step. SS instills the knowledge that we have what we need to cross any barrier, reach any destination, resolve any conflict, which is just so beautiful and powerful. I am forever grateful to my own deeper choices for having brought Shivi and SS my way for without them, I wouldn't have become what we are becoming.  

 Moushami Roy Chowdhury

With Serenity Surrender (SS) by my side I feel empowered. Empowered to lead the same life with more awareness and acceptance of myself and my situations. Earlier I used to feel at the mercy of my destiny. Now the meaning of destiny has changed for me. I now understand and realise whatever happened in my life and whatever is still happening is all that I wished to experience.It is so empowering and interesting to realise the power that we all are born with however are completely unaware of. SS has made me realise each moment how I create my own realities. Changing my realities and accepting the same are all in my hands.All I can add here is I never depended so much on myself and my hidden powers before I made SS my way of life. Thank you so much SS for making me realise my own strengths.

 Sheetal Patil

Three years ago, when I was in a lot of mess, my friend introduced me to Shivi and Serenity Surrender (SS). I was expecting to meet a counsellor, so when she started her healing session, being unprepared for it, I started doubting its efficacy. I just couldn't comprehend what was happening. But what I experienced in the following months was unbelievable. I had so much mental clarity, because of which, I was doing all the things that I always wanted to do. I was showered with so many opportunities from so many places. It was simply magical. Of course I did not know it then, that my altered beliefs were attracting the good things into my life.As time passed, I was back to my old self again and was wondering how I could experience that bliss again. There was also this one issue, that was really bothering me and I could find no way out of it. I prayed to God to help me. Within 15 minutes my friend called, and informed me that we were going to have a basic workshop in Pune in April 2011. I couldn't believe it. SS was the answer to my prayer! SS has made possible, all the things that I always dreamt of doing. It has also made possible, things which I never thought I would do. At the same time SS has helped me to know what I should hold onto and what I should let go.Prior to SS I was aware of the Vedanta philosophy, but was unable to put all of it into practice. SS has helped me do that. With SS there is so much more acceptance of myself than before.Recently I faced a major health issue. I kept healing myself as I have learnt in SS, and throughout this trying period I was able to maintain my calm. I hope to soon recover from it completely. SS has become a part of my life or rather a way of life for me. I now look at life as an adventure and a mystery to be unraveled!

 Spriha Agarwal

Before learning SS, it was hard for me to trust anyone. And I always thought that trust is something which people should generate within me about their honesty and reliability. However, after healing myself for about 5-6 months for various issues, I realised that if you can't trust people then it is but a reflection of your own deep-rooted distrust on self. The beauty of SS is that when you heal a particular issue, not only that but several other issues get resolved. I never healed myself for not being able to trust, but I don't know when through healing I started trusting. Trust is the most beautiful thing on earth. It gives you so much of peace within. Being able to trust your evolution and feel that whatever happened to you only happened to bring you where you are today is nothing more than a blessing! The ideas that I found in SS and your book are very similar to the ones I found in other books such as The Secret. But no book could ever teach me how to change my impulsive behaviour and how to come in awareness of my self! Thank you so much Shivi Dua for the beautiful SS. I love you for restoring peace into my life!

 Shalini Gupta

My son (then 5) was suffering from alopecia. There are no medicines to cure it. Doctors use steroids to treat it. The most astonishing fact about alopecia is that, the reason why it happens, what triggers it, has not been completely brought out. So here I was helpless, in despair, agonised to see my child losing chunks of hair every day. Doctors would say ‘steroids are the only thing to treat it’, ‘Get a wig made for him’, ‘and Do hair weaving’ and the suggestions were endless. At this point GOD seemed had decided not to look at me and my son. Each day took me backwards, full of complains, blames, insecurities. Those few months seemed years and very difficult to live. But there was something that was guiding me. Even in this state I had the courage to say no to steroids. I would buy the medicines prescribed by the doctors but hardly ever used any. I knew it wasn’t helping. One question that kept on banging me  “If there’s a problem, there has to be a solution”. So I reached Shivi Dua (Healer) and a naturopath.Both Shivi and this doctor (I haven’t met in person till date) assured me my son will be fine. That there are no medicines required, some oils and that’s all. (This was when every doctor I met had strictly told me not to use oil on his head). Shivi guided me how it was my karma to experience it. Gradually my son was getting better. Today in one and half years he’s back to his normal self. I was told by the doctor that it will take 3 years for my son.

 Vidya Sinha
SS - A simple but great tool, taught by a great teacher 'Shivi Dua', which has completely changed my outlook towards life and understanding of self. I feel blessed to be a part of it. I smile at how ignorantly I used to blame Creator, my destiny for all my sufferings, when I myself was creating my destiny every second by my thoughts, my choices. I pray that this way of life be understood and adopted by all of us living on earth today! How simple and beautiful life will become! Very soon i see this course going in all the Indian languages and then in all the international one! Amen.

 Neeraj Bhalla

Was it destiny, thought or prayer I do not know, but my introduction to Shivi Dua, was nothing short of a miracle in itself across time and distance. Shivi has been a source of immense positive energy and has taught me to master over self limiting beliefs. Over a series of intense healing sessions , I realised the immense power of her healings and believe me, each session left me physically healthier, clearer in the mind, energised, focussed and ready to face any challenge . Healing sessions with Shivi have had a miraculuos effect on my life and as the therapy continues my belief in my connection with the creator gets stronger by the moment. May the Creator bless her to help us all.....always.

  Veena Arya
Thought it was a curse for having the sea of disappointments and failures in my life which had slowly started to have an impact on my health. I had met a lot of other people who I thought could help me find a reason.Then I met Shivi, but without any expectation. To my surprise she made me feel so comfortable in the first meeting, that I poured my heart out to her. She made me realize that it was my own negative thinking that had made me the way I was. I was so drowned in my negative beliefs that it had overtaken all my happiness. Shivi made me believe in the Creator and the power of positive thinking.It has made me a much happier and healthier person.

 Aparrna Sharma
It’s tough for me to describe in words what Shivi Dua’s healing techniques have meant for me….. For to begin with, I didn’t even know what or who she was, even lesser ….what she did. But then the magic happened. Call it providence; call it Divine Guidance or Grace….. Words won’t suffice anyway.All I can describe is what I felt ‘after’ the session --- It was a state of being….which can only be experienced,…. not described. A feeling of wholeness….complete…..lacking nothing, seeking nothing….and yet--- overflowing with love.I shall borrow The Mother’s words, for no matter what adjectives I choose, they all turn back in utter negation, utter inadequacy…..“This joy needs nothing to be: it is; even in the depths of a prison it cannot help being, for it is not a feeing but a state, like a river that is joyous wherever it flows, whether over mud or over rocks, across plains or mountains. A love that is not the opposite of hate and needs nothing either to be: it is; it burns quietly in all that it encounters, in all it sees, all it touches, because it cannot help loving, such is its state; nothing is low for it, or high, or pure or impure; its flame cannot be tarnished, nor can its joy.”

 Dimple Walia
I am very fond of self help books and all the personal development stuff. One particular day when i was in mall looking for some good book, i did a little prayer to God to show me some book that will really help me. Immediately i found Shivi Dua's Let The Power Be With You. What a wonderful book! Then i contacted Shivi and had a session. It made me so peaceful and calm. I actually felt a definite positive change in some relationships around me, too. I have started living with an acceptance and awareness of myself now. I immediately catch myself whenever i start moving off the track and i put my self back on track with so much ease. I am looking forward to the 2nd session with her. May God bless you Shivi.

 Rajnish Mittal
The first time I took the therapy from Shivi Dua was in the end of august, 2005. I was smoking around 15 cigarettes a day at that time. I remember that it was a Sunday and I took the session late in the evening. Immediately after this, I had a couple of alcoholic drinks and then dinner. I refrained from smoking all this time and even after dinner. Next morning, I decided to have a cigarette before leaving for office basically to clear my stomach and taking no chances. When i lit up my cig and after couple of drags, i felt my head was swimming and i felt like throwing up. It was very strange for me as i was smoking since 1980. I could not finish my this cig. I did not have anymore cig on that day. Next day again i tried to have one. I managed to finish that. Next day again it was same thing and i even had one in the evening. I realised that i was going back to square one. I went for one more session and thereafter have not smoked till date. I do get the urge sometimes but that is purely momentary since i forget about it in seconds. I feel that her therapy is very effective as far as my experience goes.

As a practitioner of healing arts for over two decades initially mainstream medicine only, I realized there was still a 'missing link'. Later I started to practice Reiki healing with close friends, family members and on "self". This was added value to the others and the "self". I heard about Shivi's amazing ability to help people across the Atlantic. She helped families and individuals during the difficult transition in their lives. I was open to the next steps in my professional and personal life. I wanted to explore wider dimension to life and live to its fullest measure. I was blessed to get to know Shivi during my healing sessions. Life has never been the same :-). It seems that the DNA in each cell has been reconfigured. I have a more positive outlook to life both professionally and personally. Shivi thank you for the gift-which keeps on giving.

I have known Shivi since she initiated me into Reiki and the more recent healing sessions, though conducted over long distance, truly makes one look within oneself. Realization dawns as to how important self realization, and therefore self improvement, is to god realization. These subjects aren't mutually exclusive and it's not often that we look within, or surrender, or simply let be. These are aspects that Shivi has been advocating and reiterating, and they permeate one’s thoughts deeply during interactions with her. For some, it may be a whole new experience. For others who are already familiar with the way to be, but have since forgotten as they are so busy leading day to day life caught in its ups and downs, an interaction with Shivi and you are brought right back on track. A few sessions with her and it felt as if a burden has been lifted off me, leaving me feel so light and overwhelmed, and - more importantly - reconnected with the creator. I wish her every success in her endeavors.

 Namrata Nair
Everything in life has to be dealt with. Some find a tool, an anchor or a life line that helps them handle or deal with their journey. SS has been that anchor in my life. My journey has been very fruitful and enlightening since the time I have been associated with SS. Hope......no, I am sure.......rather I know this association is eternal and SS will always be with us to facilitate our evolution as we facilitate the evolution of everythin around us.    


The workshop was enabling. A new concept was introduced, yet the format across 3 days made the absorption process simple and easy on me. The idea of imparting his knowledge in a group (as against individual) has been helpful in quick absorption. Would wish to practice the learning and progress towards a follow on/next stage workshop when ready.

 Anu Kapur

Serenity through Surrender has the power to make our lives peaceful and beautiful. I am blessed to be a part of this workshop and to have Shivi Dua as my mentor.

 Malini Garg

This workshop is a path which leads to self improvement and it promises a better life. It brings positivity in every aspect of life. The best part is that we can bring up any and every issue without any shame or fear and a promise to get rid of them. I can see light, hope, happiness, celebration coming ahead after being a part of it.

 Tina Sarup

Shivi you are a powerful teacher, able to teach the most esoteric truths so simply that even the most uninitiated can begin to understand spirituality. Your aura, your presence fills the room with a quiet dignity which automatically creates a spirit of respect in the room, both for you and for the fellow classmates. I loved the partner exercises which allowed me to know each of my classmates on a very personal level. I think the workshop, the way it is structured is structured to perfection as each topic builds on the last one. I think you are so pure and beautiful in spirit and because of that the workshop had a divine energy. Thank you for letting me be a part of the magic.

 Sanjay Warke

A very good workshop. It brought experiential learning to a number of things we knew only intellectually. The group exercises were very nice and best was when the experience during those exercises brought about a shift. I am looking forward to using the learnings into practice. Some practical examples of how the clair senses develop over a period of time will help. Overall, a great experience!

 Shradha Tewari Dikshit

On the first day of my SS workshop I started feeling the positive changes in and arround me. Earlier I always use to wonder, where will I go after death, where I have come from,whatever is to be is to be... and most frequently, what is the purpose of my being? Am I here to perform my daily chores and die one day and with the death all the restlessness and anxiety will be gone forever? or am I happy with the way I am and with whatever I am doing....... on and on these thoughts used to occupy my mind and guided my actions. After completion of the basic workshop, all of a sudden I got not only the answers of all my questions but also got a new understanding of my present life and the connection of my strong believes with my past life. I feel like a small kid who did not know how to take even a few steps, got a powerful tool that helped him not only to walk but also take a giant leap. SS has given me the understanding of living each moment in awareness of the Creator's power inside and arround myself but also the power of Surrender...my sincere thanks to you shivi,for being my guide,motivator and trainer.

 Sumit Patwa

It’s been a wonderful learning experience with Shivi and SS participants. I personally think the whole SS process is very simple, effective and powerful. Shivi’s dedication in teaching SS is worth appreciation.

 Monica Mehta

It has been a wonderful experience. The understanding that has come makes me feel my power. I actually have a feeling of relief that nothing outside me is responsible for what is happening in my life.Earlier I lived only in the past/future but I am now feeling relaxed and not wanting to live anywhere but in the present. Thank you Shivi for a beautiful experience.


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