About Shivi Dua

Shivi Dua is the originator of Serenity Surrender (SS). After her initial experiences with Reiki and Theta Healing, Shivi progressed to discovering and introducing a unique way of healing in 2010, now called Serenity Surrender or SS.

Through decades of her healing practice, Shivi realized how each one of us is naturally empowered to live life to the fullest, devoid of miseries and in harmony with everyone around. Serenity Surrender is a profound way of living that has emerged from a deep understanding of the human life.

Over the years, Shivi has translated her wisdom into various workshops, that can help one in understanding the wisdom in every aspect of human life. Serenity Surrender is a way of life that teaches us how we are naturally empowered to overcome the challenges faced in life, once we give up blame and take complete ownership of each experience in our life, be it positive or negative. Unlike the age-old belief that miseries, struggles and fears are a part and parcel of human life, Serenity Surrender advocates, how it is actually possible to live a life free from such negative emotions. Through practicing the SS healing techniques, one can easily begin to experience a much more empowered life free from such negative experiences, one that carries the energy of love and compassion.

Our Books and Cards

Apne Ander Ki Shakti Ko Pehchanein
Let the Power be With You
My Shape
Serenity Surrender Card Deck
Let Go Mom…..I will be Fine