Let Go Mom…..I will be Fine

This book, authored by ShiviDua, inspires the reader to understand, from a new perspective, how their role as a parent is meant to serve them as well as their child. Parenting is not only about fulfilling responsibility towards the child and showering them with love, care and guidance. It is yet another association, like so many others in life, meant to bring us more awareness of ourselves and take us closer to the divine.

Believing we made sacrifices for our children, we only burden them with our expectations from them. Believing we created the child, we assume complete responsibility of his journey. Taking complete responsibility for them, their studies, their relationships, their room, etc., we later blame them for being irresponsible. Sometimes we even seek acceptance and acknowledgement for ourselves through their achievements.

Every individual, including our child, comes into our lives to take us one step further in the evolution of our soul. When we can see the role of parenting that we are playing in this light, we realize that both the parent and the child stand to benefit from this relationship effortlessly!

The parent-child relationship is truly meant to be mutually beneficial, where the parents don’t seek to be rewarded in any form for the efforts they put in for their child. The give-and-take happens naturally and effortlessly as the child, while growing up to be an independent individual being, also facilitates the growth of his parents.

This book forms a part of the 'Enrichment through Parenting Serenity Surrender Workshop'.                                           


Let go mom... I will be fine (Wisdom Village, Rs 150)by ShiviDua looks at the relationship between the mother and the child from a fresh angle. It is a manual on parenting, where the role of the “sacrificing mother” has been re-evaluated to show how such stereotypical notions make childhood difficult. The book tells the mother to empower the child through surrender, and provide him or her with support, not crutches. This may be quite a useful manual for modern parents, who often grapple with questions of control, consent and boundaries when it comes to their children. Especially in the Indian family, parental control can often result in a stifling environment for the child. This book may help parents to avoid this. It also focuses on how to cope up with an evolving generation, and how not to impose obstacles in the name of protection. It explains how motherhood may become simpler with a clearer sense of personhood.

The Telegraph, Calcutta, India

The book inspires the reader to understand, from a new perspective, how their role as a parent is meant to serve them as well as their child.
The Hindustan Times

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