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   Author: Shipra Mishra

When you allow yourself to see boundaries the Serenity Surrender(SS) way, you allow control to be filtered beautifully out from 'acceptance of the life as is'.

   Author: Akhilesh Arora

Religion has been regarded as the heart of divinity in India. It brings a sense of connection with the higher self for the followers. Scripts written by Hindu scholars observe the diversity of the culture albeit with a unified faith in the religion. The scripts mention many events and occasion,

   Author: Mridu Bajaj

In my opinion, it’s how you use the ‘Me Time’ that makes a difference!
If you are using your ‘Me Time’ to escape your experiences through people around you, you will find that your need for the ‘Me Time’ will keep going up, while the conflicts in your relationships will

   Author: Shipra Mishra

Recipe for messed up life:Have we been shooting the messenger?

They say in ancient times, messages were relayed by men (human beings). Messages of initiating a war or of any loss, you know the messages that were negative but considered urgent to be delivered. Well, what about messages conveying


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