Dhawani Gaala

Thank you Shivi Dua for such an effortless workshop! Breathe has really benefited me in dealing and recognising deeper aspects of my life! It has also enabled me to believe the process and concept of effortlessness! I feel I understood and experienced what is effortlessness through this workshop because to look at it and as you say breathing and exhaling are the everyday processes that we do and if we put our awareness to it , it is efforts and effortlessness both depending on our perception of it and so is life the same way!! Thank you for introducing me to the effortlessness of living life peacefully and in present moment! I would highly recommend this workshop to each and everyone who is seeking peace in their daily lives!!

 Rohini (Name Changed)

As a first time attendee of any sort of healing class I found this one to be very easy to connect with and instantly helpful. I have learned the technique to breathe and am using it daily to help manage my stress and be present in the moment. I can see it already improving my mindset and relationship with my family. I highly recommend this class!

 Sheena Narula

The workshop has made me understand how we keep on holding on to small small things which eventually become so big that they start interfering and troubling us mentally & physically. Just like little little objects make this beautiful universe, tiny tiny cells in our bodies makes us...same way how these little small things , emotions keep piling up inside us, slowly becoming bigger and toxic in nature. It becomes more tough for us to let them go! The workshop I don't know how( I guess magically) brought these changes in me : *I am sleeping very soundly. *My digestion has become better. *I am surprisingly getting watchful (better than ever before) for each moment of my everyday life which is now seeming so precious, beautiful and profound! In short, I am valuing each moment! All we have to do, when in doubt, breathe in and simply breathe out!

 Vatsala Gupta

After doing BREATHE WORKSHOP I have been initiated into understanding ‘holding on’ and ‘letting go’ very deeply. I feel that as we grow up we become possessive of our lives and the events that happen with us including the emotions that we experience through these events. We hold on to the material, the relationships and the loved ones. We lose awareness of the divinity present in these events, things and people. We even fail to realise that our presence in this physical world is something that is a part of The Creation and not something that is happening by our actions. Our actions are a part of The Creation. We create much struggle and stress to keep everything as we want. I am starting to understand that actually we are meant to just experience everything and everybody and let go. When we apply this learning in our breathing which is the basis of our physical existence, we are able to release a lot of stress and toxins that we have unknowingly accumulated in our body.The breathing exercises that we learn in this workshop are very simple to follow. Doing them regularly has made me aware of so much that I have been holding onto. The whole process has helped me improve my health.

 Vanika Sharma

Before I started the Breathe workshop, I didn’t have a lot of expectations. There were things going on in my life but I never made the association that breathe could help me overcome those. I was struggling with a sense of loss of control over my life and was very stressed about the future because there was so much uncertainty. But with breathe I realised that the truth is that there are few things in life that we have any control over and that’s not a bad thing. I learnt to let go the need to control my life and the future. Most importantly I was able to work on letting go of the need for a future, focusing instead on the present and what is, rather than what can and will be.

 Sampada Mittal

The addiction exercise from the Breathe Workshop is really cool - Today I switched off my phone for like 6-7 hours and didn’t get the urge to check it. I had such a good restful sleep instead of constantly scanning my phone for something or the other.The addiction exercise from the Breathe Workshop is really cool - Today I switched off my phone for like 6-7 hours and didn’t get the urge to check it. I had such a good restful sleep instead of constantly scanning my phone for something or the other.

 Kaavya Sharma

Breathe has taught me how to deal with the most common problems/situations that people face, or when they are triggered or affected by something. As a student, I have to deal with a variety of challenges. The Breathe workshop assisted me in growing, changing, accepting my changes, and letting go of things over which I had no control. The sessions instilled in me a great deal of courage and self-assurance. I was having issues like not being able to get enough sleep, having difficulty studying, and having always felt self-conscious. I've felt and seen a significant difference in myself attending those sessions. Shivi aunty used to patiently listen to our difficulties, and I used to like conversing with her.

 Mridu Bajaj

Breathe is a deceptively simple yet extremely powerful workshop! It has helped me in dealing with my stress and anxiety in the daily life and has given me a lot of clarity and direction about certain unacceptable life situations that existed since many years. My sleep cycles, that were disturbed since more than 3 years are also slowly getting better and I’m able to get into deep sleep mode easily now! The exercises are extremely simple, yet have the power to diffuse negative emotions such as anger, fears instantaneously and align you with the current moment, so that you can begin to enjoy life in this very moment Itself!

 Cynthia Roli Gupta

Breathe is a workshop that guided me about how to recognize and release deep seated emotional & mental stresses. It teaches not only a breathing practice, but equips one with profound, quick & effective ways of pinpointing the root causes behind various issues one is faced with in the course of life. The exercises introduced during the course of the workshop work through conscious thoughts, to recognize even subconscious patterns and that helps alleviate life experiences that are a result of those thought patterns. The entire experience taught me the importance and power of letting go.


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