Debolina Catullo

I took a couple of Decode and reform sessions with Shivi mostly for issues related to my ear and other health issues . The sessions by themselves were very deep and enlightening, connecting so many dots. The immediate effect was it made me feel deeply serene. The first day itself, the inflammation in my ear went down significantly and in a few days the tinnitus that I experienced for over 15+ years reduced by 90 percent. I am also able to handle weather changes and eat cold foods like ice cream that I would dread to eat earlier.

Couple of weeks after the sessions, I started feeling more energetic and vibrant and just happy about life for no apparent reason. I am more in tune with my heart and don’t reject it any longer. The chatter in head has also calmed down and I am able to flow with life, no longer obsessed with daily routine yet everything is getting done.

Another important aspect that really changed in me is my ability to let go of my regret of giving up my career in tech many years back. I can now see how this has been a true setback and didn’t let me embrace who I was in my current situation. This was also holding me back from pursuing the things that I really enjoyed doing. I feel a lot lighter and I am able to delve into my hobbies that I gave up earlier. Apart from the physical well being, these sessions have really put me back in touch with my core!

 Eliza Chadha

I was in a fix with multiple bodily issues bothering me and blocks that I couldn’t address myself. I approached Shivi for a decode healing session. I wish to share that not only does my body feel energetic and healthy, but I’ve opened up in so many ways in life. It seems like my life is tuned to a higher level now. Since my early adulthood, I’ve been wanting to pursue many hobbies and change my integral lifestyle, but have been unable to do so. This session has enabled me to let go off my laziness and excuses and step forward to do them. I’m doing all those activities and enjoying myself develop multi-directionally. My thought process has changed and I understand where I was stuck for years. I have learnt to take challenges as part of life and not make a big deal of them.

I’ve always longed to feel passionate in life…about something or anything…and I feel the passion for life itself now and look forward to discover more of it each day. My reception of guidance has become clearer and pertinent. I wish to thank my higher consciousness to have guided me to Shivi in this lifetime and allowed me to grow immensely through her profound wisdom.

 Tanya Bhardwaj

I took the 1-1 session with Shivi almost a month back. At that time I was going through this phase where everything and anything just annoyed me and made me feel angry at myself and my situations. I felt like I desperately needed help to break this chain and accept myself as who I am. Shivi took the “baby in the womb” session for me. In this one month I felt much more calmer and peaceful. My anger really went down and I didn’t have any outbursts. Healings also became smoother and I have been able to resolve some of my persistent blocks since then.

 Ritu Sharma

For over 20 years I have been going through sunburn which results in rashes all over my exposed hands, neck and face. This happens irrespective of summer or winter. And even though I am often deficient in Vitamin D, I hesitate sitting in the sunlight.

I took a session from Shivi about a month ago. I took the session for my sunburn as I was being troubled by it for so long. It was a one hour of deep, intense online session and as briefed by Shivi, I have felt many shifts and thoughts arising within me in this past one month. Last week I was travelling and was under bright sunlight for hours on a few days. Was happy to note that there was absolutely no sunburn at all, inspite of the exposure. Felt as cool as a cucumber It has worked wonders for me!

 Nidhi Sabharwal
Ever since I took a Decode and Reform session, I have been witnessing lots of changes in various (major)aspects of my life. The session was so simple and effortless but days afterwards revealed more and more of me to me. It feels as if the healing is still continuing.  
Heartfelt Thanks! 
 Deepika Saini

The Decode and Reform session I took from Shivi Ma’am was very deep and profound. It helped me to understand how my soul has evolved through different lifetimes and how what seems to be my lack in this lifetime is actually the wisdom which I carry within. It also accelerated the growth in other aspects of my life as well.

I am really thankful to Shivi Ma'am for introducing me to this majestic healing session.

 Ankit Gupta

This session is nothing short of magic! I did this session with you for my backache which I’ve had for 20+ years!!! And just like that, it started to reduce and despite the fact it’s only been a few days, my pain and stiffness are 90% gone. The best part is with time the impact still keeps getting better.

I have tried every form of therapy from chiropractic adjustments to physio to workout and even consulted orthopaedic surgeons… have done many SS healings and taken dedicated Reiki for this issue for over a year. But this one session truly turned things around.

Thank you for channelling this modality to bring magic into our lives! You are truly an angel!!!


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