Richa Batra - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Richa Batra

The journey of self-discovery begins even before one realizes that one is on a look out for a truth greater than oneself. Richa’s life is such a journey of deep discoveries, revelations and healing.

From a very young age, she started learning and experiencing various disciplines like Reiki, Art of Living, and Buddhism. It helped her cruise through many of life’s turbulent times till she entered her youth. She continued to further deepen the discovery of herself through many ontology-based learning programs offered by Landmark Worldwide. Though all of this kept propelling her forward on her journey, she was yet to get answers to the questions about who she really was and what her life was all about. Her search also took her to learn Vipassana meditation techniques before she began her association with Serenity Surrender(SS) in 2012.

After being an avid learner and practitioner of the healing process taught in SS, Richa chose to take the path of contributing to others through this knowledge. Since then Richa has been guiding people of all ages through her intuitive wisdom as a SS Healer and Trainer. She believes everyone can experience complete love, peace, joy, and freedom just like she did. And to make that possible, she has chosen to be a channel for people to come out of their endless chase, connect with their true self, and find their pathway to freedom.

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  • Name: Richa Batra
  • Location:New Delhi
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:Contact: +919871788115

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