Eliza Chadha-Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Eliza Chadha

Struggling to deal with immensely difficult situations and exasperating people in her life, Eliza initiated her journey with Serenity Surrender (SS). She learnt, that the basis of her difficult situations was her judgement of them and her belief system which created them. She understood the art of accepting a situation to be one's choice and surrendering it to the higher self. She understood the true meaning of spirituality and the significance of the material in its path. SS allowed her to not only resolve issues in her life, but also widen her perspective on various intrinsic concepts like: mate, parenting, marriage, love, identity, self, etc. Leading her life the SS way, she is now ready to become a channel to allow her fellow beings recognise themselves and their power.

Contact Eliza Chadha
  • Name: Eliza Chadha
  • Website: www.blissfulexistence.in
  • Location:New Delhi
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:9999093308

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