Swati Garg-Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Swati Garg

Swati is a marketing professional with a streak of boldness in her. Her enthusiasm to learn new things always keeps her moving to have a taste of everything from dancing to sports or to writing. She is successful in her career but her personal life always took a toll on her. Going from one relationship to another and after multiple heart breaks there came a time when she realised it to be a pattern of a sort, so instead of asking the erstwhile 'why me' she realised its time to find answers with in.

She started practicing meditation by following YouTube videos and so it was written, encountered Serenity Surrender (SS) within a week of doing so. SS has been a game changer for her as within a year she found answers to her core issues which helped her move out of a stagnant phase. In her words, not only she has started loving herself more but has found a beauty within that she never knew ever existed. Now she wishes to transform lives of others by being a channel to their growth for an empowering journey ahead.

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