Nidhi Sabharwal - Practising Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Nidhi Sabharwal

For Nidhi life was entertaining, life was fulfilling till she found herself facing miseries in her relationships and situations which were because of her deep parenting karma through her child and her parents. She felt jolted within. Though she was not religious but she always believed in the presence of the Universal Force, a power within each one of us which runs the entire show in our world. This time she was looking for answers to her questions, the quest for knowledge and reasons behind her miseries. She lost the spark in almost everything she was doing.

As it is said everything happens for a reason and takes its own time, the Universe guided her to Serenity Surrender(SS) just a day prior to the Basic Workshop. While working through SS self healings she started understanding that the answers to all the questions, that she was asking, were within her. The Truth unfolded and so did her belief in herself. She was now able to face herself and accept her situations. SS not only gave her strength but is now the way of life for her. After spending almost 18 years in Healthcare Operations, she chose to be a Therapist, Healer and Teacher at Serenity Surrender. She enjoys her work as much as she enjoys her life .She understands the Divine flowing through her and for her it’s Just the Beginning.

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