Sunita Anand-Practising Therapist and Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Sunita Anand

Sunita Anand, being highly interested in metaphysics since her school days, avidly read all the possible books on numerology, astrology, face reading, palmistry, handwriting/signature analysis and related topics while growing up. To delve deeper, she explored and practised Reiki, Art of Living, Pranic Healing. Later, when life was no more a book but REAL LIFE ---- the chapters of her LIFE BOOK made her further curious about understanding herself , her relationships , her situations, people closely related to her ,their role in her journey , her conflicts in her relationships , karma , why she was facing the issues that she was and her existence on deeper levels.

On doing Serenity Surrender(SS) workshops , she was convinced to understand and accept herself as the author of her LIFE BOOK and chalking out of all those situations and characters around her , chosen by her, to be in her LIFE STORY for her growth. It also lead her to accept her problems and lacks, reduced her blaming others, stop feeling like a victim. The amazing, deep revelations led her to explore her journey further --- as a channel to guide similar self -recognition seeking souls ---as a SS Trainer and SS Therapist. Through Serenity Surrender, she was able to decipher the purpose of the situations she went through in her life, the people she encountered and the relationships she lived. She started to understand acceptance, oneness and surrender from a higher perspective. By living life the SS way she was able to work on her issues ranging from physical ailments, legal issues, disharmony , parenting issues , trust issues , insecurities, low self esteem and momentary negative emotions . Now through the SS way of revelations she is able to grasp positivity and support from each of her emotions and thoughts.

Her journey of self recognition is revealing mystical aspects of her and fellow beings. Filled with gratitude for the way her LIFE smoothened, relationships improved and strengthened and for the lively, fresh feeling of support and harmony, it is humbling and rewarding for her to progress on her journey while guiding others on theirs. The more the merrier!!!

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  • Name: Sunita Anand
  • Location:New Delhi, Noida
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:08586869950, 9899128598

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