Ritu Sharma - Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Ritu Sharma

Ritu had been living her life in an ‘I’m fine, all good ‘ mode. There were small and minor issues but she was happy to ignore them and ‘Be positive.’ It was only when she faced a very challenging personal situation that she realised the need to wake up to reality and address deep seated issues within. What followed was a deeply transformative journey wherein she realised that it wasn't situations and issues she had been avoiding all along, but herself. Having benefited immensely from Serenity Surrender, she is happy to share the means to inner peace and fulfilment in life, health and relationships with anyone who is keen to find their inner path.

Ritu works as an Airline professional. Inspite of having travelled to many interesting places, it is the journey within that fascinates her the most.

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