Anupama Sharma - Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Anupama Sharma

Anupama Sharma has always been a curious and inquisitive girl, with a natural bent towards mysticism and occult sciences. She would never miss a chance to research, analyze and probe deeper for the answers of the questions that would arise in her mind from her life’s experiences.

A victim of abuse since childhood, it got difficult for her to carry on with the emotional and psychological pain which accompanied the trauma long after it had taken place, and carried on in adulthood with innumerable symptoms such as suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, emotional numbness, drug abuse etc. In her desperation to find relief she didn’t leave a stone unturned, and did the best she could to get therapy. But the journey was long and arduous. After adopting several therapies, some mainstream and other holistic, her soul finally resonated with Serenity Surrender(SS).

SS is not just a therapy but a way of life. It does not just deal with physical or mental ailments, but addresses issues related to the whole life or existence of an individual. This was the modality she had been looking for, as it easily answered her questions and helped her deal with her issues from a fresh perspective. In no time she was able to work upon and manage her symptoms, release the various negative emotions and heal the past traumas. From a helpless victim to a confident professional, SS gave her the empowerment to deal with whatever may come. A School Teacher by profession, Anupama now helps others in her free time to understand the reasons behind their misery by finding the root cause thereby healing it.

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  • Name: Anupama Sharma
  • Location:Greater Noida, Noida
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:+918802431100

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