Sarita Waded - Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Sarita Waded

A dedicated practitioner of yoga, life for Sarita Waded has always been a journey of keeping a constant positive outlook. Through all life's ups and downs, she trusted the universe to guide her way and believed that the same divine force was equally present and available to every being in our universe.

Introduced to Serenity Surrender by her sister, she found further validation and clarity on her understanding of the universe, its Creator and our existence through the insights she received from the learnings and practice of this healing modality.

The ability to recognize our own self in others and see the world as an outward reflection of one's inner condition is the foundation of all spiritual healing. Rooted in this wisdom, she facilitates sessions to understand and heal life's situations and experiences. She is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Contact Sarita Waded
  • Name: Sarita Waded
  • Location:Melbourne, Australia
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:+61 423631473

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