Surbhie Puniani-Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Surbhie Puniani

"You can stand behind the sadness like a fallen tear, you can hold on to the sorrow like a souvenir. Or you can tap into the strength you never knew you had, to breathe into that faith no matter where you're at. Allow the wind to sprinkle the whiff of fresh air, to soak you in its glory as you cheer.”

Through her words here, Surbhie talks about the power of choices and how your journey begins from where you point your finger – towards self or someone else. She believes that the ability to answer our own questions lies within us but the experiences depend on the path we choose to tread. It is only when we take the route to self-recognition that we truly discern the beauty and power of our life while rediscovering ourselves.

It is said that we choose our names to recognise ourselves through it. Surbhie's name means 'fragrance' and that's what Serenity Surrender helped her rediscover - the essence of her own beauty, potential and magic. She realised that one doesn't have to change who they are to be happy, if they only truly accept things just as they are.

Surbhie has studied and worked in different fields, from creative to marketing to sales, image consulting and entrepreneurship; but she always felt unrest wherever she was. She could never feel at home while doing what she did and felt miserable, spiralling in confusion, not knowing when it would all end. She was always looking for something new to make her feel settled. Her relationships, career and even her confidence were all a wreck when she chanced upon Serenity Surrender which brought her light back. Her search ended. She found answers and meaning to things, to her being. Serenity Surrender reintroduced Surbhie to her newer, happier and a more confident self.

Being an SS practitioner and therapist, each day for Surbhie has been a beautiful mystery to be unravelled. Understanding the value of these learnings, she has combined her existing work knowledge and the awareness gained through Serenity Surrender to become a channel for spreading this knowledge to anyone who could benefit from it. As an SS teacher, she conducts workshops, sessions, talks and corporate programs at various locations.

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