Sheena Narula - Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Sheena Narula

Sheena has always been a girl who used to be curious to know more about life. She knew in her heart that life is much deeper than what is visible from the eyes. Her early childhood was beautiful with so much of abundance and togetherness all around her in a joint family. But soon, her lovely world seemed to be crashing. She felt miserable and started feeling helpless and from there came her non acceptance for everything with and around her.

After that, her life got stuck in the repetitive looping pattern which made her life struggling day by day, or at least she thought so...Until one day, she came across a beautiful modality named ‘Serenity Surrender’ (SS) after which she started working on herself and there was no looking back since then.Professionally a dietitian, she has understood the importance of food in a manner like never before after walking on the SS path.

Self work has completely changed her life in so many ways or we can say that her perception towards her life transformed beautifully. She got the answers that she had been searching for long. Sheena overcame her victim portrayal and started taking full responsibility of her life in awareness and acceptance. She is now her truest self in whom she feels most alive and living in the current moment comes effortlessly now. She has unconditional acceptance for everything in her life which brings peace, serenity and inner power in her energies smoothly. For her, SS is not just a way of life but, it has become her life. With it she feels blessed, abundant and whole in each moment.

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