Spriha Agarwal - Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Spriha Agarwal

Spriha is an education professional and loves to learn new things. Healing for her is no magic; it is a part of her life. She feels that magic is something we believe is unreal or too good to be true, hence we call it 'magic'. But healing is an extremely practical technique; an innate ability each human is born with. She has practiced healing in some form or the other since her childhood and has explored many ways of doing it. Curiosity about the workings of a human mind led her to dive deep into psychology and explore its depths only to find a deep connection between psychology and healing.

When she found Serenity Surrender, she instantly connected with the technique. For her, healing is a structured process of understanding oneself, one's choices and situations and find answers to some of the extremely deep-rooted problems.

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