Sanja Choudhry - Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Sanjna Choudhry

SANJNA CHOUDHRY is a practising Serenity Surrender Healer and therapist , social worker and centre co-ordinator at NGO Kilkari. She is also an active political worker and campaigner at AAP. Serenity Surrender(SS) came her way when she was going through nervous breakdown at some point of her life due to a major personal loss. Life had come to standstill. There was no clear vision for the next step. Ending life seemed to be easier than facing it. Then fortunately she came to know about an SS healer and trainer who healed her for the persisting trauma and guided her towards the journey of knowing self.

Through healing sessions which helped her to resolve all her issues she was motivated to learn it through SS workshops which brought great positivity in her life . It has been 4 years of her journey in SS . She has decided to work as a professional healer as she is so confident about her healing and bringing a lot of shifts in the lives of people through healing . She realised that she is capable of helping others and knowing herself through others . Sanjana is based in Rohini, Delhi currently.

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