Nivedita Jagga - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Nivedita Jagga

Nivedita Jagga was born and brought up in Chennai .The atmosphere of rich tradition and religion accompanied her as she grew into a young woman. She has been drawn to the deep mysteries and philosophies of life and books have been her companion ever since . A gold medalist in Commerce from the prestigious Stella Maris College, Chennai, marriage brought her to Delhi. After spending years in domesticity, life began to push her into a new direction -Spirituality .

In 2011 ,while seeking answers to life's many questions she was led to Serenity Surrender (SS). This opened her up to a completely new dimension of her Self. Her understanding of Life grew deeper and this had a transformational effect on her as well. She had begun to experience peace, while her awareness was being raised. Since then till the present , she has continued her journey of Self Exploration and Empowerment and assists others in doing the same. Nivedita is an artist and currently lives in New Delhi with her husband and young son, who also practises SS .

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