Healing Training Workshop in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the ‘City Beautiful’ is little less than a paradise to live in. There one gets to enjoy the benefits of living in a capital city as well as those of a small town. The infrastructure and traffic are very well managed. The distance between any two points in the city are not too much. The roads are broad and clean, and lined with beautiful greens on both the sides. The entire tri-city of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula carries energies of progress and serenity, at the same time. It is also well linked with the entire Punjab and Haryana. Other big cities like Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Ambala are within 2-3 hours of road/rail travel from Chandigarh.

When I lived in Chandigarh for a short while, I conducted numerous Serenity Surrender(SS) healing sessions there. Although living in a city with a relatively laid-back attitude, I found the people there very receptive to high energies.

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop was also conducted there. People from neighbouring cities like Ludhiana and Patiala have also shown interest in learning Serenity Surrender. Although broadly perceived as a healing modality, SS is actually much more than that. It offers a complete changeover from living life in fear of what might come up next to living it in confidence of being able to smoothly sail out of any situation that one might be faced with at any time!

There is no pre-requisite to learning Serenity Surrender. Anyone interested in bringing about an improvement in any aspect of their lives or understanding the deeper meaning of life and human experiences, will find a way to do so by attending Serenity Surrender workshops. The first step towards it would be to contact us to enquire about the upcoming SS workshops in or around your area!

Even those with a spiritual inclination and a lot of questions regarding life will be able to find their answers through Serenity Surrender. Many readers of the book ‘Let the Power be with You’, written by ShiviDua have been able to understand life better and found many of their questions answered by just having gone through the book. The workshops help imbibe at a much deeper level the knowledge we can intellectually gain from books but find it hard to apply practically when we are amidst intense life situations. Once imbibed deeply, the knowledge consciously understood also becomes a part of our sub-conscious and applying it in our life then becomes natural and effortless.

For example, one might know consciously that it is futile to blame but when faced with someone through whom one has experienced hurt, they are clueless as to how to deal with the situation other than blaming that person for having caused that. Knowing well enough that blaming others nurtures negativity in us, one become helpless when going through painful experiences. Serenity Surrender gives a deeper meaning to each life situation and teaches how to come better and stronger out of each tough situation.

Thus, SS will replace in your life:

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