What can Serenity Surrender Resolve?


Release Your Suffering

The fact that we are still in human form means that we have karma to live. Our karma throws up in our face situations that we don’t like. Our Creator never meant us to suffer. Over centuries we have developed the belief that suffering brings evolution. This belief will work to bring us suffering while we evolve.

We now deserve to grow and evolve effortlessly and painlessly.

At this time of a fast paced planetary evolution, we all need to raise our vibrations at a fast pace too. SS makes it really simple and easy to do so.

Anyone who would want to learn the lessons they have to in the process of life easily and gracefully, would benefit from SS.


Sharpen Your Sixth Sense

Besides, Serenity Surrender workshops enable the participants to understand their sixth sense or intuition. Each one of us is born with it. However, we have been conditioned to rely only on what can be sensed through our five physical senses. The truth is that each one of us does have an intuition or a sixth sense. That is the means of our receiving divine guidance. In fact, most of us have received signals through our sixth sense, some time or the other. We tend to confuse it with our imagination. SS teaches how to identify the sixth sense as different from our fears and imagination. As we start using our intuition, it keeps getting sharper and enables us to take difficult decisions of life with ease and confidence.


Positive Changes in Life

Accepting our life situations that we don’t like as they are requires a lot of courage and grace. Blessed are those who refuse to see things that they don’t like but have to endure as problems. Yet, they have the right to bring about a positive change in those situations. Once they decide to seek to improve their lives, the cosmos provides help.

Having said that, it is important to mention that life has it’s own ways of guiding people to resolve their karmic journeys. We have so much to resolve and yet, many times, many of us would feel we don’t have issues. It’s great if you conscious mind is not in conflict over anything but at the same time, if one is aware enough, that is the stage from which evolution of one’s soul can really speed up their journey.

It is always our own choice as to when we are ready to find the real meaning to ourselves, our behaviors, patterns in our lives, our relationships, our inabilities, our fears, our beliefs etc. When one is ready, they will find SS has the ability to do it in the strength of the divine in a beautiful and simple way. The options are either to seek help from one of the many certified trained SS practitioners or enrol for a Serenity Surrender workshop and get empowered to do it yourself.                               

To find out more about how Serenity Surrender works, please refer to the link here.

Just allow yourself to be guided and you will have the answer!

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