How does Serenity Surrender work?

A normal session begins with the client narrating their concern or the area of their life they seek improvement in. The healer, making a physical connection with the client through the hands, connects with the energy. The healer then seeks information from the cosmic energy regarding the reason that the person carries within for the problem they are facing. This information received is translated into subconscious beliefs. Some techniques of applied kinesiology are applied in confirming the existence of those subconscious beliefs in the person. The cosmic energy is then directed to heal the soul of the event that created the relevant negative subconscious beliefs. This healing automatically converts those negative beliefs into corresponding positive ones. Carrying those beliefs in their subconscious, the client would begin experiencing a change in the situation that was bothering them.

Usually an instant feeling of relaxation is felt during the very first session itself. It takes some time for the new beliefs to communicate with the cosmic energies to manifest into the new positive reality. The changes in the physical might, therefore, take a few days or weeks to manifest. A positive change of some kind will certainly be felt in the situation within a few days’ time, though. Each consecutive session is ideally conducted after a 15 days’ gap after the previous one. In some cases the gap may be reduced or increased. Generally three consecutive sessions are enough to bring about a marked difference in the condition that was troubling the client. There really is no limit to the improvement we can seek in life and the scope of Serenity Surrender is really vast. Therefore, only the person seeking the healing can decide how many sessions one would like to take.

Example Case study for Serenity Surrender

The negative beliefs held within our subconscious are the reasons for most of the negativity present in our lives. The capability of the Serenity Surrender tool to reprogram the subconscious is what transforms people and their lives.

The subconscious fears, grudges and guilts will manifest themselves through the conscious mind in the present reality. The existing reality will guide the healer to seek to understand the relevant subconscious programming that needs to be changed.

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