What can Serenity Surrender Resolve?

Every aspect of our lives is controlled by our subconscious. Since Serenity Surrender(SS) reprograms the subconscious, it has the ability to bring about transformation in nearly all areas of one's life. It is about realizing what we need to begin with and the transformation begins! Examples of areas where SS will be helpful are:

Relationship issues

When we have issues with others despite all our conscious efforts to bring in peace and harmony within the relationship, the reason usually lies in the fact that we have associations with these people from our past lives and we carry some guilt or anger for them. Resolving our past with them brings about peace in our current association with them.

Physical ailments

The beliefs that we carry in our subconscious, besides affecting an area of life, also affect a particular organ in our physical body. For example, an experience where our attempts to progress further in life were bringing innumerable miseries in our life is likely to make us develop the belief ‘It is unsafe to move forward in life’. This belief, in turn, has the potential to create problems in feet/legs in our physical body. By identifying the appropriate negative beliefs we carry within, we can heal our physical sicknesses.

Financial problems

We all have the right to have a good inflow of funds in our lives. However, beliefs life ‘money corrupts’, money is a necessary evil’, ‘wealth makes one’s life insecure’, ‘money goes as easily as it comes’, etc. if carried by us create material hardships for us. Besides, there could have been a previous lifetime of ours where we, even if unintentionally, harmed someone for money. The guilt that we later developed, still carried by us in our subconscious will block money from flowing into our lives.

Fears and Phobias

The reason for any fear/phobia that a person has could be very specific to the person. It is usually stemming from some past life event. Healing the soul of that event eases the fear as well.

Spiritual growth

Many a times in our lives we wonder why certain things happen with us the way they do. The more we connect with our inner being, the more we begin to understand our lives. The deeper we connect with ourselves, the more we understand the Creator and get closer to Him.

Addictive behaviour

Most addictions can be gotten rid of using our conscious mind and determination. The process, however, is usually very difficult and trying. SS makes is easy and effortless.

Lack of Confidence

Self-criticism is inherent in us and we all carry beliefs of non-acceptance or conditional acceptance of self. These serve only to kill our self-confidence.

Legal complications

Our contracts with other souls and guilt carried by us from the past lifetimes can keep us engaged in legal battles for a long time. SS helps you release yourself from the legal complications you are engaged in.

Delayed marriages

Even the reason for a delayed marriage is carried by the person in their subconscious and can be eliminated.

Problems at work, etc.

Various beliefs we carry about being a victim of the system, or about being unable to express ourselves or certain control-related negative beliefs can hamper our smooth progress in the professional arena.

Depression, Suicidal Tendencies

Lack of interest in life is also triggered by what we carry deep within and can be changed.

Negative Thinking

Many of us feel that despite trying hard to keep our thoughts positive, too many negative thoughts keep coming up in the mind. It just feels impossible to get rid of a continuous pattern of negative thoughts.


Anger is an emotion that can cause devastation. It ruins our peace of mind and destroy relationships. It can ruin careers. Sometimes, we don't even realise that anger is a problem with us. Once we acknowledge that anger is a concern for us, the universe brings us solutions. SS helps resolve the reasons one carries deep inside to experience frequent bouts of anger.

Finding love

Love is the basic need for every human being. The love of a partner is something that brings happiness in life and confidence in one's being. Many a times, however, there is a pattern of troubled relationship with partner/spouse. Sometimes, it becomes a long wait to have someone come by who would understand us the way we would want them to.

Handling emotions

A human life becomes complex mainly due to the multitude of emotions human beings experience. These emotions can sometimes have us completely off balance. Maintaining our composure in the midst of the demands of the daily life while dealing with a sea of emotions can become a challenge. SS helps understand and deal with emotions such that a balance can be brought about in life.

Manifesting Desires

Often in life, we deeply desire something but despite all our efforts towards manifesting it, are unable to do so. The reason again lies within us. There are beliefs we carry in our subconscious against that very desire. For example, let’s say we want to become famous through our work. At the same time if we carry beliefs like ‘Fame leads to controversy’, ‘Being famous will make me lonely’, I was attacked by the masses when I was famous’, etc. we are unlikely to manifest fame for ourselves in this lifetime. These beliefs could have been developed by us in a previous lifetime when being famous turned out to be unsafe for us in so many ways.

Using the SS technique, we can eliminate all these limiting beliefs in ourselves and manifest all our desires. The unresolved issues a soul is carrying from experiences it has had in various past lives have their negative impact in its current lifetime. SS helps resolve multiple past lives of a person, thus allowing them to live a life free from the negativities they are carrying from there.

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