Gunjan Singhal - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Gunjan Singhal

Since childhood Gunjan has been a very intuitive and emotional person. She could feel the hurt and pain of the people around her and yet allow them their space and time to talk about it. Because of this inherent quality, her clients have always found an ease and comfort in confiding in her. Her friends rely on her with their secrets and look forward to the guidance they receive from her as she connects with people without any judgement. She has always believed that we are all different people with different journeys and experiences, yet on the same path. Gunjan’s life has been driven by her emotions which led her to complete her graduation from DU in Philosophy (Hons.) that gave her an elaborate viewpoint of life. Post that, she decided to pursue her creative and expressive side by completing her Masters in Advertising. She is a person who is led by her heart and thus, understands the value and reasoning of human emotions. Working in different profiles got her connected with people from varied backgrounds who showed her that there is never any one way to lead a perfect life. This made her curious to explore the depths of life at multiple levels.

In her search to satiate her hunger of understanding self and answering the unanswered questions, she found Serenity Surrender (SS), a powerful healing modality through which she found a way to make her connection more meaningful with the rest of the world. With SS, she realised that her connection with her own self is what is reflected through everyone she interacts with. SS gave her a direction to embrace her emotions and she is continuing to spread the same love and positivity with everyone she gets in touch with. Gunjan conducts personal healing sessions and workshops for all who wish to walk the path of self-awareness.

Serenity Surrender has equipped her with the wisdom that “Self-empowerment is all about recognising and accepting self in each moment which enables us to deal with our circumstances effortlessly”.

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