Ashwini Kapoor - Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Ashwini Kapoor

Ashwini more known as Ashu brings with her a rich blend of Learning & Development experience of more than 15 years and experience of Alternative Medicine practice of more than 5 years. Her in-depth knowledge of studying human behavior and healing helps her clients and associates to understand and absorb the healings which are different from the conventional medical treatments. Her quest and inclination for knowing about the world, creator, knowing about the various behavior patterns of people around, knowing new cultures and very important knowing more about the best healing modality made her seek certifications like NLP, MBTI which she used extensively in her corporate life.

However the need to know more, brought her closer to Spiritualism. While practicing spiritualism she was introduced to Chakra Healing, Energy healing which she learnt and applied and practiced. The outcomes were not bad but were temporary and superficial. Finally she found Serenity Surrender (SS). Her son’s health issue which was beyond the scope of whatever she had learnt, helped her find SS. During her first meeting with one of the healers, she felt ‘This is it’. Got deeply connected to it in the first meeting and since then it was no looking back. For her, SS is a way of living and healings are just part of the whole. She applies SS at her professional and personal life and for healing others and enjoys its outcome as a more refined

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