Shipra Mishra-Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Shipra Mishra

She has always been inquisitive about unanswered experiences (physical and subtle) of life. She bought her first spiritual book in 2nd year of graduation. Things changed when she started to understand the subtle and that the subtle affects the present experiences. Yet these understandings were limited and journey was challenging. In 2011, her life took twisted turns and the her questions started to become bigger, when she experienced break-down in all corners of her life (emotional, physical and professional).

She lived a rather challenging life for almost a year and a half before being guided to Serenity Surrender (SS) and Shivi Dua. Things started to brighten up after joining SS. SS touched all aspects of her life and answered everything that she could possibly question. SS has transformed her to take life with a stride, full of peace and serenity. She feels empowered through SS and wishes to share the same with everyone who thinks life is unfair and who have unanswered questions.

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