Kamalika Roy-Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Kamalika Roy

An avid reader, an animal welfare enthusiast and a keen traveller. She always wanted to help others and was ever ready to jump into others problems uninvited while completely ignoring her own. Life to her was a bed of roses till a point when faced with immense rejection, criticism and blame from her near and dear ones who she thought she was helping; she simply couldn't handle all that and completely broke down emotionally and financially.

That is when her good friend who is a Serenity Surrender (SS) teacher, suggested that she learns the modality and start with self practice.Since then there was no looking back for her. She experienced immense growth almost immediately. In her very first day she understood that her life is quite abundant in every aspect, however she chose to only experience lack, which is leading her to creating situations to give her the experience of lack through her finances and relationships. That simple understanding was more than enough for her life to take a complete U-Turn.

Now a Serenity Surrender teacher herself she tries to live a life of awareness and when faced with similar situations she is able to identify her triggers through observing her emotions almost immidiately and handle them gracefully. Living the SS way of life she is experiencing abundance and harmony all around her. She chose to be happy and SS is making all her dreams come true literally.

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