Himani Sharma-Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Himani Sharma

After graduating in Mathematics, she restlessly jumped from one option to another in search of her true path, never being able to settle anywhere. The frustration and the seeking intensified with time. From working in the airline industry to studying psychology in finding herself...nothing worked, going through challenging personal life too she read a book gifted by a friend - “ Many lives many masters “ that lead her to a spiritual journey soon reaching Serenity Surrender (SS) and since then, August of 2013 , life was never the same so much so that she is an SS teacher today.

Having been torn by repeated failures and gripped with fears and insecurity in relationships… SS opened a gateway to the light , faith and divinity within. It empowered her to melt away the fears , break the patterns and experience the peace of being her true self and how discovering the beauty of being who she truly is brought her peace within and hence changed her life too. She is a healer and trainer at SS because that's how she has discovered peace in the most natural way and intends to share the same with others.

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