Akhilesh Arora - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Akhilesh Arora

The World is a Mirror (what we see or experience is a reflection of our current state of consciousness) - this line holds apt for Akhilesh while embarking on this journey of self realisation through Serenity Surrender(SS). What started off for Akhilesh as a sheer inquisitiveness and means to acquire knowledge of this modality, he was able to recognise and identify the deepest conflicts he had been carrying within. Whether it ranged from facing situations at the professional level with colleagues and seniors, or on the roads while dealing with variant drivers, or even through the mixed experiences faced while on the sports front or financial front, Akhilesh has been able to bring himself into awareness of the distortions carried by his soul within and healed through that.

Post joining SS, Akhilesh has been able to identify his existence as that of a flower. As a flower brought us to connect with the nature including sun, wind, water, earth, we also come in awareness of the growth we experience through the surrounding environment. While gaining such awareness through Serenity Surrender, Akhilesh is keen to assist all human beings to discover themselves from within.

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