Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Abha Jha

Instinctively imaginative and creative , Abha has always been a zealous soul with unquenchable thirst for learning and trying her hands on anything new coming her way. Fond of challenges in life, she bade adieu to the teaching profession after 16yrs of her stable and successful career to testify her strength as an author and editor.

She attributes the evolution of her personal and professional journey to Serenity Surrender(SS) which drew her to the realms of subconscious mind, playing a vital role in creating our reality. The power of subconscious to heal others and the self, brought drastic change in different facets of her life. She learnt to deal with her persistent physical ailments and deep emotional crises with the SS as a significant tool.

Being a practicing therapist for the past two years , she has not only brought significant changes in her own life but also given meaning to the lives of her clients through healing sessions. Keeping her own dream alive, she feels guided to heal those in need. Moreover, she also trusts that each time she heals others, there is a great sense of contentment of giving direction to the bereft souls and also understanding some aspect of her own energy through them . So every day is a new learning and every moment a growth with the SS, which justifies the purpose of her life.

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