Vasundhara Saha-Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender(SS)
Vasundhara Saha

Being a doctor by profession, Vasundhara’s choice of becoming a healer was never out of the way. Her interest in human psychology and concepts related to the human mind paved her way for her interest and growth towards spirituality. Apart from her interest, some issues related to finances and relationships cropped up in her life, for which she sought an understanding, which she was unable to find elsewhere. The moment she found about Serenity Surrender(SS) there was no turning back though her journey still was an arena of conflicts through which she passed gradually with the help of this new modality and its learnings.

The moment she started understanding the basics related to perceptions, beliefs and reality of life, her experiences, both internal and external started changing, along with an enhanced awareness. It was like a stability one experiences when it doesn't matter whether one walks on fire or elsewhere. This new level of understanding, awareness and acceptance transformed her life by a 360 degree.

Gradually, she realized that her learnings benefitted people in her vicinity. This was in addition to her medical profession. This was when she got determined to transfer her knowledge, understanding and wisdom to people who were ready to receive from her, hence enhancing her own awareness in the process. She understood the effortlessness in change through this new modality which transformed her life as a whole. So, expand your awareness. Expand your horizons.

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  • Name: Vasundhara Saha
  • Location:New Delhi, Noida
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Phone:9968194105

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