Amrita Kapur - Practising Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Amrita Kapur

Serenity Surrender (SS) came into my life when I was in the most crucial stage of my life. I had lost my brother, my best friend, without whom life had no meaning. I lost interest in life when I was about to give birth to a life. Then I shifted to a place which was last in my list and never understood the purpose of the shift. Health started deteriorating and my family life was in complete distress when I got my healing done the SS way. Serenity Surrender healing session changed my energies to such an extent that I became very curious about it and finally learnt it. SS has given me a platform where I can deal with any situation that comes my way with grace and without feeling helpless. Now I am a Therapist as well as a Teacher.

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