Deepti Priyadarshini Kabra - Practising Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Deepti Priyadarshini Kabra

Deepti has always had a deep connection with Spirituality since as long as she can remember. Since childhood, she has been an emotionally receptive empath. For Deepti, Serenity Surrender (SS) was the answer to all her questions she had since childhood that no one understood. With the help of SS, she has been able to work on her conflicts on a holistic level.

Deepti feels that SS is a tool for empowering not just our physical self , but also our spiritual self, at soul level. It helps us understand and grow through our life situations. SS helps us find the "REAL ME", because how can you really heal (deal with) yourself and your life situations and make yourself Truly Happy unless you completely know yourself at the "CORE"!

Contact Deepti Priyadarshini Kabra
  • Name: Deepti Priyadarshini Kabra
  • Location:Mumbai (Thane)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone:9594939711

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