Shilpa Verma - Practicing Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Shilpa Verma

A free- spirited Shilpa spent her childhood as independent and self reliant being. After marriage she started experiencing layers of Karmic entanglement and never ending physical issues finally leading her to a journey of self revelation and exploration. Her in-depth reading of books pertaining to past lives and healing techniques through it drew her to Serenity Surrender (SS). Having already learnt Reiki, she met few SS beacons who enlightened her on the miracles of SS healing. She resigned from her established career of teaching to sort her life through SS. In a short period of time, she was flabbergasted with the results SS started bringing in her life. Being herself in the journey of self evolution, Shilpa is guided by divine to help those souls who have lost their connection with the divine and live the misery of their self created Karma. Shilpa is a practising healer at Ashok Vihar, Delhi.

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