Tanya Bhardwaj - Practising Therapist of Serenity Surrender (SS)
Tanya Bhardwaj

Tanya, an IT professional, always believed in the existence of a higher power but never really understood spirituality in her growing up years. Listening to some vedic verses always made her wonder if there was really life after death and if past life experiences made us experience our current reality the way it was and if everything was pre-destined.

She saw many times that people hurt her and went about as if nothing happened but she herself would be disturbed about it for days with constant chatter in her mind. She developed anxieties which affected her and never allowed her to enjoy her life with ease. All these questions and experiences led her to Serenity Surrender(SS) in 2014 and since then SS has become her way of life.

Every SS workshop she has attended has helped her delve deeper and has given an answer to every “why” she had. She has worked on herself for many aspects of her life related to relationships, finances, children and experienced her transformation through them. SS has helped her deal with her anxieties, develop self-belief and focus on her experiences without being controlled by her situations.

Having experienced her transformation through her inner power she now wants to become a channel for others as a healer and help them bring about a transformation in their lives by healing their blocks or repeated experiences that give them misery.

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