What is Healing

Let us first understand what evolution is. It is a process of understanding self that our soul has eternally been in. Currently this process is being carried out for our soul through our physical being and our conscious mind.

In this process, everything in the energies of our soul, including the distortions, are presented before us in the form of our physical reality. We experience the energies of our soul through the people we attract in our lives to interact with, the situations we become a part of, our physical ailments, our fears and anxieties, our failures and disappointments, our financial issues, etc.

In everyone's journey, there comes a point when dealing with a certain aspect of life through the physical means or through the conscious mind becomes almost impossible. For example, when the doctor calls your disease incurable, when despite your best efforts your relationship only keeps worsening, when no matter what you do to improve your financial situation, your finances only go down, etc. This is usually the time when you would be forced to seek the help of a healer. At such times, it is important to know what is healing. It is actually shifting your focus towards your inner journey.

It might appear to some of us that our evolution is not really on the list of our agenda. The fact, however, is that everything that we experience in our physical reality is to facilitate the growth of our soul.

Receiving healing from a healer results in your inner blocks regarding your growth being addressed and released. Those blocks were manifesting for you in the form of a physical ailment, lack of harmony in a relationship or financial concerns, etc. Releasing those inner blocks brings about a relief in that specific condition.

Having understood what is healing, let us now understand why it would be a good idea to choose to learn healing.

Learning Healing

Learning healing is going a step further. This way you learn to understand your journey from a higher perspective. You learn to identify and release your blocks in your growth on a regular basis.

A deep understanding of human life and naturally receiving answers to many questions about the mysteries of human life are some of the deeply gratifying consequences.

Why learn Serenity Surrender (SS)

SS really is much more than just a healing modality. It creates a deep understanding of the life that we live.

Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? Why, at times certain things never go the way we want them to despite all our efforts while in certain other aspects everything just falls in place with minimal input from us? Why is it that the aspects of our lives that are as we want them to rarely catch our attention, while areas that give us misery are on our mind all the time? Why do certain specific patterns recur in the life of each one of us?

These miseries, these patterns in life carry hidden lessons for us. Till we have imbibed those, the situations and the patterns persist. They are the centre of our focus because the soul has to get something from them. The lessons we get during our lives help us understand ourselves and our inner power better.

Often we tend to assign the blame for experiencing things that we don’t like, to others and to situations that are beyond our control. This makes us wonder who controls everything! Most of us believe in a higher power, above us all and above everything. We then assign the responsibility of everything going wrong to that higher power, call it God or nature. We thus stay in the mode of blaming. SS helps us understand how the control of everything, every single thing happening with us is within us. God only facilitates for us what we choose to create. It can be really interesting to understand and experience how our inner self itself chose to experience all that it is experiencing through us in this lifetime!

Taking complete responsibility of our lives is actually very empowering. Once we understand how we created this, we can certainly now choose to create better. That is the role of our physical being and our conscious mind: to understand our inner self and enhance its experiences and self-awareness. Blaming and indulging in self-pity only work to delay our growth and prolong our suffering.

We all carry wounds that need to heal. Learning SS is a way to not only heal those wounds but also understand how to respond to situations in future such that we never again end up hurting ourselves. Often in life we find ourselves gripped with fear. The fear we experience only attracts negative situations our way. So often we respond to unexpected, unpleasant situations with anger. Anger destroys our peace of mind and ruins our health. Yet, emotions like fear, anger, regret, grief etc. are just beyond our control. SS helps recognise the seed of these emotions in us. This helps us become aware of our emotions in each moment. It isn’t wrong to experience emotions. Being aware of them helps us deal with them and the current situation in a more balanced way. This makes a difference to the outcome that results from our response to situation. Bit by bit, thus, we can change our lives!

Most of us have experienced our inner voice talking to us at different times. We, however, don’t know how to identify it. Besides, we are conditioned to respond to outside voices, not our inner voice. Ignoring our inner voice is what makes our journey more miserable. Each one of us, while being the same and from one God, are unique, having unique requirements. Comparing ourselves with everyone in the outer world and ignoring our own specific individuality leads us into situations where having tried everything else we are finally compelled to do what our inner voice always told us. SS helps you find the connection with your inner self you always had, and to be able to identify and understand your inner voice or intuition.

Each relationship that we experience in our lifetime is meant to reveal our own self to us. Each relationship whether it is the parent-child relationship, mate relationship, siblings or friends, go through ups and downs. They give us joy as well as sorrow. Sometimes even most traumatic relationships are hard to end. Why is it so? Each relationship is only a mirror to our own soul. Acceptance and not running away from our situations takes us further in our growth. How to accept a relationship that gives only misery? Wouldn’t you want to be able to look at it from a higher perspective? Everything that exists in our lives is there for a reason. Only, our conscious mind is not always equipped to understand that reason. Let SS help you with it. It will help you improve your self-awareness. This, in turn, results in heightened awareness and acceptance of everything around you. Increased self-love and self-acceptance are natural consequences, too. 

It can be seen as a spiritual healing, too. Spirituality is all about connecting with one's inner self. SS can certainly help those who are ready to embark upon their journey inward. There is nothing more rewarding and gratifying than beginning to understand ourselves at the core, and realising the immense power each one of us carries within.                                         

SS healing courses facilitate everyone to look at their lives, and hence everything and everyone they associate with, with a fresh perspective. It leads to an empowered living and effortless growth.

It might be interesting to read the views of those who have learnt SS.

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