'Me Time' - Does it contribute to your well-being?

 ‘Me Time’ - Does it contribute to your well-being?



In an already busy life, the need for some ‘Me Time’ seems to be putting on another level of pressure on our already packed schedules! While the ‘Me Time’ can be a breather when we seem to be drowning in our day-to-day challenges, giving us much needed time and space to just be, without any interference, criticism or judgement….does it really contribute to our well-being?

In my opinion, it’s how you use the ‘Me Time’ that makes a difference!

If you are using your ‘Me Time’ to escape your experiences through people around you, you will find that your need for the ‘Me Time’ will keep going up, while the conflicts in your relationships will only keep increasing! Thereby, putting your entire system in a vicious cycle of escaping your responsibilities and relationships to feel a temporary sense of comfort, while the unresolved conflicts shall keep piling up, adding your ‘unavailability for others’ to that pile too!


Instead, if you can use your ‘Me Time’ to reflect on your conflicts or to learn skills that enable you to better resolve your conflicts with others, while being present to them, you can actually begin to enjoy and value your life more!


As those of us, following the ‘Serenity Surrender’ ideology believe that our relationships are only our mirrors for recognizing ourselves, therefore, being present to a relationship does not only help us in experiencing harmony in those relationships, but is also pertinent to living a more meaningful, passionate and healthy life!


So, do try to use your NEED for a ‘Me Time’ as an indicator to assess its effectiveness to your well-being. If you feel your need for a ‘Me Time’ has constantly been increasing, it does point to the fact that you are only distancing yourself from your relationships and your reality to create a brief sense of control over your situations and in the process are constantly energizing the belief that you are powerless against the challenges experienced in your day-to-day life!


[P.S. - The definition of a ‘Me Time’ can differ from person to person and can range from spending time alone, spending time in a spa, spending more time at your workplace than you are required to or spending time with certain friends who can make you temporarily forget your worries!]



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Mridu Bajaj

Mridu initiated her journey in Serenity Surrender (SS) in 2012 and since then has embraced it as a way of life. It has brought forward the most liberating truth for her –the only person who can restrict ‘me’ is ‘me’. She believes that there is no freedom greater than the freedom of accepting self as we are and she believes that this is the most beautiful understanding that has been given to her through SS. SS has helped in re-connecting her with her own inner power, which in turn, has

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