Recipe for messed up life: Have we been shooting the messenger?

Recipe for messed up life:Have we been shooting the messenger?

They say in ancient times, messages were relayed by men (human beings). Messages of initiating a war or of any loss, you know the messages that were negative but considered urgent to be delivered. Well, what about messages conveying happiness? That has always taken a back seat. "You 'my dear happiness' will have to wait".
So, in those times, killing a messenger was considered a sin and that’s because a messenger only relays the message. He/she/they doesn't create the message, they just deliver them. However, when you received those unpleasant messages through the messengers, you felt that the messenger is causing that unpleasantness in you. To save the messengers from the wrath of the recipient and to remind the recipient that the messenger is only conveyer of that message, the rule was created.

With the modernization of the world, major means of sending messages became electronic and we forgot about the rule (killing a messenger is a sin because they only relay the messages), however, this knowledge is deep-seated in our subconsciousness.

In today’s world, everyone you experience in your life is relaying a message when they interact with you. You find your experiences of them as unpleasant, but those people are only relaying what you are supposed to learn through them.
For example, you experience competition through someone. He/she/they is/are playing their part in their lives and achieving what they are meant to. However, you see their growth as a threat to your status or your own growth and you want to surpass them. These people are relaying a message (just by their presence in your life) that you are supposed to look for growth seeds within you and explore yourself to get better. These people are only a messenger you have chosen to learn more about yourself through and take steps to grow through.
Instead, you judge those people, you think they are flaunting their success, so you may wish to surpass them, and also secretly wish for their downfall too. So instead of focusing on your growth through them, you focus on their failures. You may eventually lose those messengers who actually were playing their part in your life.

So the hurt, the loss, the anger and the pain you experience through  them (people who bring a message to you by triggering something in you) are actually not what they intend to do to you but what you have chosen to receive through  them. So, in a way, holding the messengers responsible for your misery is equivalent to shooting the messengers. Because instead of bringing your focus to the message which will help you grow in some manner, you are focused on misery through that messenger. Which would mean hating, rejecting, and swearing on those people you are shooting the messengers.

Since ‘killing a messenger is a sin’, and that knowledge is deep-seated in us for centuries, are you not creating more guilt? The guilt of being a sinner in shooting your messenger added to the guilt of rejecting the messenger from your lives, added to the guilt of rejecting the message that you were to learn and grow thru?

Time to ponder!


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Shipra Mishra

She has always been inquisitive about unanswered experiences (physical and subtle) of life. She bought her first spiritual book in 2nd year of graduation. Things changed when she started to understand the subtle and that the subtle affects the present experiences. Yet these understandings were limited and journey was challenging. In 2011, her life took twisted turns and the her questions started to become bigger, when she experienced break-down in all corners of her life (emotional, physical and professional).

She lived a rather challenging life for almost a year and a

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